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As the pace of change in digital continues to impact consumer behaviour and affect the way we communicate, knowing where your strengths and weaknesses lie is key to your success.

Take a short skills test to see how you measure up across a range of topics integral to modern marketing and kick start your learning journey:

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Why take the test?

  • Identify your knowledge gaps and areas of expertise
  • Compare yourself to your colleagues and peers
  • Receive a complete diagnostic and recommendations for further learning
  • Get customised advice on where to focus your efforts to sharpen your skills
  • Track progress over time and further analyse digital capabilities for yourself and your team
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Who is it for?


Digital Skills Index measures the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in digital marketing. Take the test today to identify the areas where you need improvement.


Using the valuable data from the skills assessment, we can build a report highlighting your teams or company’s strengths and weaknesses.
And, if you’re keen to take it a step further, we can roll out a completely bespoke skills assessment for your business, aligned to your unique objectives. This will help you design effective learning programmes and deliver improved productivity across all areas of your business.

Your personalised learning plan

Digital Skills Index provides personalised feedback on how competent you are in digital marketing and helps you identify areas for improvement.

On completion of the test, you will receive a customised learning plan on how to strengthen and advance your digital skillset. Your plan will include a set of learning objectives and recommendations with links to relevant learning resources, best practice guides, articles and research reports.

You will also be able to save your results, retake the test, measure progress and further analyse your digital proficiency over time.

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