Your team is not like any other. You're addressing specific challenges and opportunities with a particular skill set. That's where our bespoke, in-company digital training comes in.

We'll listen to your needs and design the perfect in-company training program highly relevant to your organization and your team - anything from an interactive workshop series to a complete conference.

If you're training five or more people, the custom route offers:

  • Super-relevance – courses built for your industry, your team's experience level, to help you achieve your organisation’s objectives.
  • A more open atmosphere – where delegates can be frank about the challenges specific to the organization.
  • A range of formats – customized 1-3 day courses, multi-year blended learning programs, senior leadership workshops, innovation and inspiration sessions, conferences, 1-to-1 mentoring and more.
  • Global delivery – with offices in London, New York and Singapore and the ability to deliver in a multitude of languages, we can roll out global training programs wherever you need them.
  • Skills assessment – detailed assessment of your organisation's current digital knowledge in order to structure a comprehensive training programs to address knowledge gaps.
  • A dedicated training consultant and account manager – to design the best program and see that it's delivered to the highest standards.

Econsultancy's ability to work with us as part of the global team meant we were able to deliver a highly relevant and effective marketing event which has had a lasting impact.

Global e-business Director, Mars Drinks

Delivery formats

Great content is just the beginning. You also need it delivered in the right way. Working in partnership with you, we develop the most appropriate format for delivering the results you seek.

Here are some examples:

  • Digital skills training – any of our training courses tailored for your sector, your skills and your business (plus a whole lot more not listed under public training). Programs can be a one-off or delivered across multiple sessions, either on your premises or at one of our training venues.
  • Blended learning programs – a combination of skills training, targeted briefing sessions, elearning, best practice guides, toolkits and consultancy services.
  • Internal events – from expert-led roundtables to an all-singing, all-dancing digital marketing summit for your entire team. We'll program and manage the whole thing.
  • Webinars and on-demand content – so you can learn anytime, anyplace.
  • Mentoring – personal advice and strategic support for senior managers and directors. We'll pair you up with the right peer.
  • Consulting services – we work with you to develop your digital strategy and sharpen your execution. Read more about our digital transformation services.

Helping you achieve your desired training outcome

If you think we may be able to help, please call us on +1 212 971 0631 or contact us by email at We'll listen to what you want to achieve and suggest the most appropriate training.

  • If you decide to go ahead with the training, we'll continue to work closely with you to ensure that you achieve the results you were looking for.
  • We'll work together to develop the course content based on the extent to which you wish to tailor it to your industry and your organization. You'll have the opportunity to approve the course outline in advance so you can be sure it hits the mark.
  • With a large faculty of practitioner trainers as well as an extensive international network of contacts across the digital marketing industry, we'll make sure you have exactly the right person or team to deliver the training.
  • We can hold the training at your offices, at one of our training venues or we can help source a suitable facility.
  • We know requirements can be urgent – we'll do our best to meet the tightest of deadlines!

Did you know... an Econsultancy subcription, providing access to up-to-date research on best practice and how-to guides, can be a great way to ensure that your training is supported by ongoing learning and development resources?

Clients we've customized for:

DuPont • Deckers Outdoor • Roche • 3M • Paypal • Acxiom • Warner Brothers • Canon • Kering • Philips • Samsung • KPMG • Reckitt Benckiser • Sony Mobile • L'Oreal • Euromoney Institutional Investor • MasterCard • Xylem Inc • Verizon • British Airways

Custom training testimonials

Econsultancy worked directly with managers across the business to tailor each workshop to our needs. The workshops have been really well received and all feedback has been massively positive; it's really inspired our staff to explore different digital opportunities. We look forward to introducing new topics and ways of delivering the training such as webinars and e-learning.

Learning and Development Manager, Hachette UK

I thoroughly enjoyed the course from start to finish. Some great thought provoking material and exercises which made me think differently about how I approach my work.

Lead creative designer, British Airways

A broad range of examples really brought each topic to life, and direct reference to our business with commentary and suggestions gave us a lot of food for thought. Consider us consulted... thanks for sharing your expert knowledge.

Copywriter, Bank of America

Fantasic, engaged training day. Would strongly recommend.

Online marketing coordinator, Deckers Outdoor

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