Using WeChat for Branding, Sales and Marketing Training


This 2-day programme is designed for professionals who want to launch brands into China via WeChat or market their products using its WePay and WeStore commerce features. It also covers the area of employer branding and recruitment for HR professionals, which is also the key way for B2B brands to market itself on WeChat.

It covers the key considerations for applying for a WeChat account, selecting the right WeChat marketing-payment-service-tracking platform, WeChat mini apps, WePay and WeStore functions, influencer and social media content planning, WeChat AR and gaming. The goal is to leverage WeChat as a long-term brand engagement platform that can drive ecommerce and after sales service.

Who should attend?

Marketers, senior managers and business owners who want to build WeChat as their go-to-market China launch strategy with achievable ROI benchmarks, while managing teams to develop on-ground action plan to fulfil market objectives.

How will I benefit?

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand how to integrate WeChat commerce and social content marketing to your go-to-China market strategy
  • Leverage on WeChat and Weibo to recruit fans, customers and online influencers while driving brand visibility and promotions
  • Develop WeChat games, AR innovations as well as mini apps to drive business objectives
  • Understand how social media content marketing can help drive brand awareness, brand preference, testimonial content creation and promotion activation.

What will I learn?

This robust 2-day course contains 9 main modules and includes real-life case studies and relevant role plays for you to work through.

Module 1: Jumpstart your WeChat account

  • The necessary paperwork, company registration and regulations
  • Developing your hashtag strategy to target social search
  • Planning user experience via your menu navigation and link out tactics
  • Designing the right content templates and social post content structure

Module 2: Promote your WeChat account

  • Key objectives and features for using WeChat moments ads and KOL-linked banners
  • Developing a social post calendar with cost-effective optimisation KOL tactics
  • Planning promotions and giveaways to recruit, reward and engage fans
  • Employer branding outreach to university students and fresh graduates.
  • Case studies and relevant best practice

Module 3: Developing useful and viral-worthy User Generated Content (UGC) for WeChat

  • On defining objectives and activation plans for customer testimonial content
  • Researching your audience’s goals and habits via social listening
  • Identifying key user journeys and touch points, and creating compelling content for your target segments at the right time and right place

Exercise: Planning clear business objectives for content marketing

Module 4: Develop brand-centric WeChat AR and mini-app innovations

  • Introduction to WeChat AR and mini app, functions and purposes
  • Tailor-make your app within your app launch strategy on WeChat
  • Design, development and promotion considerations
  • Best practice and case studies

Module 5: Future-proof your WePay and WeStore initiatives with gamification

  • Introduction to WePay and its popular virtual red packet and donation mechanics
  • Starting your WeStore and choosing the right launch platform
  • Planning the right WeStore and WePay mechanics via gamification tactics
  • Best case studies and practice

Module 6: Deploy the right H5 mini site experiences to complement WeChat experiences

  • See how H5 websites are integrated with flash sales techniques
  • Integrate your video with your mini-site design
  • Plan how mini-sites can drive pre-sales promotion
  • Best practice and case studies

Module 7: Key Opinion Leader (KOL) or influencer marketing

  • Identify authentic KOLs in a market with false KOLs and “vampire” fake fans?
  • Working with them on a long-term basis with the right remuneration approach
  • Using KOLs to drive social search for the brand on WeChat

Module 8: Using WeChat mini-games and stickers for brand promotion

  • Introduction to functions and roles played by mini-games and stickers/emojis
  • Launch plans and content promotion mechanics
  • Best practice and case studies

Module 9: Post-workshop action plans

  • Workshop sharing by participants with feedback from trainer
  • Leveraging on up and coming future trends
  • Course summary