Social Commerce Strategies in China Training


This 2-day programme is designed for professionals who want learn, understand and excel in ecommerce launches, promotions and activation in China via Alibaba’s Tmall,, WeChat and others such as Little Red Book.

It covers the key considerations for selecting the right ecommerce platforms, applying for accounts, developing the right budget and promotions, as well as planning the right campaign ideas, media plans and content outreach to activate your brand and products for the China market.

For Tmall and, participants will learn key strategies for selecting the right hero SKUs and how to promote them cost effectively via Subway Express paid search, Diamond Booth banners and other affiliate marketing tools on Alibaba. For WeChat, participants will learn strategies for using WeChat account, WePay and mini apps to promote brands and promotions for mobile commerce. 

Other cross border e-commerce platforms will be explored such as, and, as well as tactics for online influencer (KOL) marketing and customer testimonial marketing.

Who should attend?

Marketers, senior managers and business owners who want to build social and mobile ecommerce as their Greater China launch strategy with achievable ROI benchmarks, while managing teams to develop on-ground action plans to fulfil market objectives.

How will I benefit?

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Integrate Alibaba/WeChat e-commerce and social content marketing with online-to-offline/offline-to-online activation as your go-to-China market strategy
  • Leverage on various ecommerce, mobile app and social media platforms and Weibo to recruit fans, customers and online influencers while driving brand visibility and ecommerce promotions
  • Plan for media and content marketing budgets for product launches on ecommerce channels
  • Learn how an integrated ecommerce activation strategy drives sales conversions, brand preference, customer testimonial creation and promotion activation.

What will I learn?

This robust 2-day course contains 9 main modules and includes real-life case studies and relevant role plays for you to work through.

Module 1: Get a head-start on ecommerce: Asia overview

  • Broad overview of the ecommerce landscape in Southeast Asia, India and China
  • Identify challenges and opportunities in the regional markets
  • See key technological and media trends in these markets
  • Case studies and best practice

Module 2: Know your key target audience: post-1980s digital natives/millennials

  • Identify the key media and shopper habits of online shoppers in Greater China
  • Understand their impact on FMCG, health, luxury, travel and hospitality industries
  • Learn about the impulse purchase behaviours of China’s new middle class
  • Case studies and best practice

Module 3: Get a head-start on ecommerce: Asia overview

  • The necessary paperwork, company registration and regulations
  • Know why ecommerce is booming in China due to changes in government policy, consumer middle class and media behaviours
  • See how e-commerce differs from city to city and which brands/ products are thriving
  • Learn from going through the key steps of an ecommerce campaign case study
  • Introduction to launch, design and promotion for a branded Tmall flagship store

Module 4: Offline-to-online or vice versa O2O ecommerce activation strategies

  • Leverage QR-code-driven pop-up stores and event experiences to drive ecommerce
  • Use mobile technology like iBeacons, wearables to optimise in-store point of sales.
  • Develop WeChat content & KOL initiatives to optimize retail outlets for e-commerce.
  • Case studies and best practice

Module 5: Create a fan-driven brand economy with the latest social ecommerce thinking

  • On developing the right brand purpose to drive social commerce & storytelling
  • Researching your audience’s goals and habits via social listening
  • Develop key passion points via your social content and promotion strategies
  • Participant ideation with the help of case studies

Module 6: Future-proof your WePay and WeStore initiatives with gamification

  • Introduction to WePay and its popular virtual red packet and donation mechanics
  • Starting your WeStore and choosing the right launch platform
  • Planning the right WeStore and WePay mechanics via gamification tactics
  • Case studies and best practice

Module 7: Deploy the right H5 mini site experiences to complement ecommerce promotions

  • See how H5 websites are integrated with pre-sales, product launch experiences
  • On integrating your China mini sites to your global site for ecommerce
  • Plan how mini sites can drive pre-sales promotion
  • Case studies and best practice

Module 8: Live video streaming with Key Opinion Leader (KOL) or influencer marketing

  • How to use social listening to identify your brand’s best product or brand advocates
  • How to collaborate with KOLs to drive promotions and fans engagement
  • How to use shopping KOLs on various video streaming apps and social platforms
  • Best practises and latest case studies

Module 9: Post-workshop action plans

  • Workshop sharing by Participants with feedback from trainer
  • Leveraging on up and coming future trends
  • Course summary