B2B Marketing: From Leads to Revenue Generation Training


In the new world of the considered purchase, with multiple buyers in multi-month to multi-year buyer journeys, it takes an integrated set of messages and touch points, both online and offline to win the deal. It takes and aligned team of people to help the customer choose your product or service. From marketing to inside sales development and external account executives. We all need to work together in a seamless fashion to beat the competition and win new business.


In this course we go beyond the old-fashioned view of the marketer only focusing on lead generation or sales just focusing on closing short-term business. Learn how businesses with an aligned marketing and sales team offering ‘integrated’ multi-touch, omni-channel campaigns will beat the competition and increase revenue as well as increase customer life-time value.

Who should attend?

This course typically attracts attendees looking to develop an understanding of the dynamic and changing world of marketing & sales - from a marketing point of view. Those looking for an update on the latest trends in this area. Or experienced digital marketers wanting to understand traditional marketing and how to create integrated campaigns. And for everyone who wants to learn how to create leads that convert to revenue and long-term customer value. The course is designed to give attendees a rapid boost to their knowledge of B2B marketing strategy and techniques covering the entire process. The approach is practical and straight-talking with specific case studies and research to bring the theory to life.

How will I benefit?

Upon completion of this course, you will understand:

  • What is the new customer buyer journey and extended customer life cycle?
  • Learn the importance measuring customer experience to achieve revenue targets
  • How to best integrate traditional & digital marketing strategies to create omni-channel campaigns
  • Why marketing & sales need to be aligned and the steps on how to do it

What will I learn?

The ever changing world of marketing

  • Learning from the past, understand the present and what's changing
  • Current research and how to adopt and adapt
  • How marketing partner with sales in a unified Lead-to-Revenue process

Thought Leadership for Unqualified Leads

  • The role of PR and Social Media for expressing your Point of View (POV)
  • How to create research that positions you as a thought leader
  • The importance of testimonials and case studies and how to get them agreed by customers
  • Why you need value-add content that hooks and reels in buyers

Demand Generation for Qualified Leads

  • Integrated campaigns: balancing the mix of tradition and digital to inbound and outbound
  • What are the top performing channels in Europe
  • Website: the importance of landing pages & content that converts
  • Digital: from Websites and SEM to social and email - how to integrate them into the mix
  • Events: offline and online - when to use them and for what purpose
  • Direct Mail: is the old hard copy snail-mail dead or alive a kicking?
  • Calling: should you interrupt your prospects or call them when they are ready?

Sales & Marketing Alignment for Opportunities & Revenue

  • Why you need a joined up marketing and sales team - mapped to the customer journey
  • How to build trust between marketing and sales with an agreed lead quality level, shared language, service level agreements and shared goals & KPIs
  • The role of sales enablement and training: who owns it and why is it important
  • Working with Inside Sales Development teams to turn leads into qualified opportunities
  • How to partner with Sales Account Execs to ensure deals are closed
  • The importance of Pipeline Acceleration programmes and recycling leads and opportunities
  • The new role of Account Based Marketing and how it brings marketing and sales together

Strategy & Operations for Performance & Optimisation

  • Segmentation of your customers and positioning your company
  • The dynamics of industry verticals and geographical regions
  • Identifying the buying committee, personas and why you need them
  • The importance of your data and database of contacts
  • What skills do the marketing team need and how to find & fill the gaps
  • How to structure your team for global and local execution
  • Automation: The new and ever changing role of CRM, SFA, MA platforms and supporting tools

Creating the Integrated Campaign Plan for Execution

  • Strategic Planning: Setting goals, objective, strategy and plan of action
  • Campaign planning, setting objectives, targets, budgets and KPIs
  • Think global but act local - the differences in marketing across Europe and beyond
  • Creating a marketing plan that fits your business plan & sales execution strategy

Back to the Future

  • The not too distant future of marketing and what you should be doing now to prepare

In-company training

This course can also be delivered exclusively for your team. In-company training ensures everyone is up to best practice standard and you'll benefit from a more open environment to discuss your most pressing issues.

For more information, please get in touch with the team at training@econsultancy.com or call us on (UK & Europe): +44 (0)207 970 4167 or US: 212-971-0630.