Digital Marketing Measurement and Analytics - Singapore Training


If you are to get the best results from digital marketing, leveraging digital insights is essential.

This course focuses on how to analyze and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of digital marketing. Measurement and metrics enable marketing professionals to justify budgets based on returns, and to drive organizational growth and innovation.

By analyzing digital visitor segments and behaviors, you’ll learn how to produce a plan to develop the most appropriate metrics, tools and digital marketing improvement process for your organization.

You will also take a deeper look at interpreting and acting on digital analytics data.  You will learn how to manage conversions with practical examples on using digital analytics to gain insights on your visitors, visitor behavior, engagement and conversion goals.


This digital marketing analytics course will give you a working knowledge of the strategies, tools, technologies and data sources to improve results from your digital marketing through developing an integrated strategy and identifying KPIs to measure and improve your results.

You will know how to develop key performance indicators, and how to create a comprehensive measurement framework for your organization, including processes to ensure reports are analyzed and acted upon.

Discover how to drive acquisition and conversion optimization projects as well as how to use analytics to drive retention marketing strategies.

Who should attend?

This course is ideal for those involved in online marketing and responsible for understanding customers through marketing analytics. You may be a marketing manager or agency account manager who needs to develop a plan to apply digital insights to drive the business contribution from websites and e-marketing activities you are responsible for.

How will I benefit?

Upon completion of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Learn a Digital Marketing & Measurement model to measure, analyze and act on results from diverse digital marketing channels to achieve your business goals
  • Understand how to put together an effective web measurement programme
  • Define the right key performance indicators for your business
  • Learn about the use of different tools, services and technologies
  • Demystify the digital analytics jargon
  • Understand the role of A/B and multivariate testing in improving conversions
  • Use filters, advanced segmentation, attribution modeling, goals & e-commerce tracking to define and improve conversions and marketing ROI
  • Use digital marketing analytics to plan and evaluate the effectiveness of acquisition, conversion and retention-marketing programmes

Course fee: SGD1,200/pax

FREE 3 Report Credits (worth USD695/report) for every course participant!

What will I learn?

The course covers:

  • A holistic approach to online business performance measurement
  • Main methods of assessing and measuring digital marketing effectiveness
    • Acquisition
    • Conversion
    • Retention
  • How to align marketing activities, strategies, and metrics with business goals
  • Use digital analytics to identify key digital channels and understand how they are driving positive ROI through the acquisition, conversion and retention customer lifecycles
  • Latest developments in using customer segmentation, real-time feedback and behavioural attribution analytics to identify the most profitable visitor segments
  • Summary and conclusions