B2B Digital Marketing Masterclass - Singapore Training



B2B brands are increasingly turning to digital marketing tactics in 2015 and beyond to build demand, grow opportunities, engage prospects, and retain customers. As B2B marketing is significantly different from B2C marketing, this workshop aims to specifically address the unique issues and challenges faced by B2B marketers on digital platforms and social media.

An intensive 2-day workshop on the ins and outs of using digital marketing to build demand, attract qualified leads, grow opportunities, engage prospects in the buying cycle, nurture leads, and retain customers in a business-to-business (B2B) setting.

Comes with: 3 Complimentary Report Credits to download Econsultancy Reports (worth USD695 per report). Total value of credits is USD2,085


An intensive 2-day workshop on the ins and outs of using digital marketing to build demand, attract qualified leads, grow opportunities, engage prospects in the buying cycle, nurture leads, and retain customers in a business-to-business (B2B) setting.

Who should attend?

Marketers, senior managers, communications professionals and business owners who want to understand business-to-business digital marketing.

How will I benefit?

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the differences between B2B and B2C digital marketing
  • Learn to fill the sales pipeline with qualified leads using digital marketing tactics
  • Understand the power of content marketing
  • Grasp the concept of lead nurturing, and explore marketing automation tools
  • Learn the best practices of using social media for B2B companies
  • Learn sales enablement and partner marketing tactics
  • Understand metrics analytics for B2B digital marketing
  • Gain insights from industry players / guest speakers (Ie. Google, Linkedin, Oracle, etc.)

Comes with: 3 Complimentary Report Credits (worth USD695/report) for every course participant! Total value of credits is USD2,085

What will I learn?

Guest Speakers:

1. Tips and traps, things to avoid and keep in mind while rolling out Marketing Automation - Cheliyan Pancras, Global Readiness Consultant | Oracle

Cheliyan Pancras has worked in the SaaS space the past 9 years. He joined Eloqua and the marketing automation race in 2009 working with global brands in Europe, North America and Asia. He has implemented Oracle Eloque across multiple regions for SMB to Enterprise clients enabling them to see immediate value out of their MA platform. You can also find him delivering boot camps to channel partners on implementation and integration of the OMC portfolio around the world. He graduated with a Computer Science degree from the University of Windsor.

2. The Power of Google Analytics - Thomas Wolf, Online Conversion & Attribution Specialist | Google

Passionate about data as the new gold, from turning data insight and insight into actionable growth opportunities & impacy, Thomas has turned the full range of SMEs to MNCs in Europe and APAC into performance power-houses, leading them to new revenue streams and never before seen return on investment and profitability.

His expertise spans across multiple digital specializations such as Digital Analytics, Conversion Optimization and Attribution Modeling, and by the pure scope of his responsibilites plays a key role as consultant in identifying and fixing the most complex business problems.

Prior to joining Google, Thomas was the UK Country Manager at a 7-digit funded startup in London.

Thomas studies Marketing, IT & Psychology and holds a Master of Science in Management from the University of Mannheim (Germany).

3. Using LinkedIn for Sales Enablement - Jenny Yoon, Sales Product Consultant | LinkedIn

Jenny had a varied career ranging from Shipping, Hospitality, and Travel, but one thing that is in common is her passion for technology that touches us in different of our lives. In all her roles, she has been a big believer of using tools of technology that helps us to work smarter and more efficiently to get the job done.

In her currrent role, she helps organisation in their social selling strategy by adopting LinkedIn's sales solution tool named, Sales Navigator. LinkedIn is no longer just a recruiting or job seeking platform, it is the world's largest professional network. Sales Navigator provides professionals to be more effective in finding the right people, engage with insights, and build strong relationships based on trust and confidence. 


This robust 2-day course contains 8 main modules, and includes real life case studies and relevant role plays for you to work through.

Module/Day 1: B2B Marketing - The Laws of Attraction


  • B2B Landscape and Purchase Patterns

1. Lead Generation

Seed the ground with potential. Learn how to profile your audiences, capture their interest, and drive them to your sales funnel – all you need to know to fill your pipeline with qualified leads.

  • Gap between Marketing and Sales
  • Components of Qualified Lead
  • Lead Generation Campaign Effectiveness
  • ToFU / MoFU / BoFU 
  • Landing Page Optimisation (A/B Testing, Traffic Drivers, Retargeting, Conversion Metrics)
  • Hands-On Activity - Landing Page Wireframing

2. Content Marketing

Be the voice your customers trust. Learn about the various types of content – static and interactive – you can use to put your value proposition across, and how to gauge their impact on your audience.

  • Content Marketing Landscape
  • Content Audit
  • Content Re-purposing
  • Content Tonality
  • Brand Content vs Category Content
  • Content Types
  • Content Idea Generation
  • Content ROI Measurement
  • Success Stories / Testimonials
  • Hands On Activity - Content Planning and Development

3. Lead Nurturing

Secure the deals that got away. Learn the techniques of lead lifecycle management, and cultivating relationships to gradually move potential buyers down the funnel.

  • Why Lead Nurturing?
  • Lead Scoring

4. Marketing Automation

Leave repetition to the machines. Watch how to give your campaigns an efficiency boost with a practical demo of an automated marketing intelligence platform.

  • Fragmented Lead Lifecycle
  • Task & Workflow
  • Campaign Modeling Canvas

Module/Day 2: Conversing and Converting

Introduction: South-East Asia Digital Landscape

5. B2B Social Media

Maximise the power of this often misused channel. Learn the best practices on engaging with the crowd and gaining the most exposure for your brand.

  • B2B Customer Journey
  • Defining Persona(s)
  • Presence: Outbound Analysis
  • Intent: Inbound Analysis
  • Hub & Spoke Model: Why Hub & Spoke?
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Audience / Fans / Followers Acquisition
  • Organic Promotion
  • Paid Promotion / Syndication

6. Sales Enablement

Bridge the age-old gulf between marketing and sales. See how you can give your deal-closers that competitive edge, and how to glean valuable insights from their experiences.

  • Changing face of B2B Procurement
  • Sales Representatives as Experts
  • Hands-On Activity

7. Partner Marketing

Forge that win-win situation with your allies. Discover ways to effectively communicate with channel partners and drive success through collaboration.

  • Partner Marketing Strategy
  • Partner on-boarding campaigns
  • Channel Enablement

8. Metrics Analytics

Get measurable results, with measurable methods. Slice through the statistics to find out what really matters for your business – and how you can use them to drive improvement.

  • Basic Metrics (Reach, Buzz, Influence / Audience Size, Sentiment, Engagement)
  • Influencer Mapping
  • Hands-On Activity