Budget plans

Do you expect your social media marketing budgets to increase or decrease in the next 12 months?


Planned increase in budgets

By how much do you expect your social media marketing budget to increase over the next 12 months?​


Social media advertising

Which of the following social media sites are you paying to advertise on as part of your marketing activity?


Social and SEO

What best describes your / your clients' use of social media in the context of your / their search engine optimisation activity?


Best Practice

Cover for Social Media Statistics

Social Media Strategy

Part of our Social Media Best Practice Guide bundle, this report aims to identify best practice approaches, techniques, measurement considerations, challenges and opportunities for creating your social media strategy. It contains actionable, real-world insight with detailed explanations to help you start and improve your performance on social media platforms.

Cover for Guide to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Guide to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

This report is a guide to using LinkedIn for marketing purposes (both from a strategic and functional point of view), helping B2B marketers to extract maximum value from LinkedIn's comprehensive range of products and features.

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