Budgets vs. sales

Average proportion of total marketing budgets email accounts for vs. average proportion of sales attributed to the email marketing channel


Optimisation for different devices

How would you describe the extent to which your company has a strategy for optimising email marketing for different devices?



What is the main barrier to success when it comes to effectively optimising your email campaigns for different devices?


Areas of improvement

What would you like to do with your email marketing that you currently cannot do to your satisfaction?


Best Practice

Cover for The Fundamentals of Email Marketing

The Fundamentals of Email Marketing

This guide will help marketers understand, implement and execute email strategies to maximise return on investment in this channel. It can be used to either review your existing email strategy or help create a comprehensive email marketing strategy from scratch.

Cover for Marketing Automation Best Practices

Marketing Automation Best Practices

A comprehensive guide to understanding marketing automation - the process of using technology to manage, scale, and measure marketing campaigns. We talked to the individuals involved with hands-on implementation, to get their unvarnished opinions on what specific tactics and strategies have been most successful.

Email & eCRM supplier selection

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