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Ecommerce functionality

When selecting an ecommerce solution, how important are the following types of functionality?


Factors driving growth

What is the single biggest factor in driving your ecommerce growth?



What are the main barriers that prevent you from growing your ecommerce business as fast as you would like?


Best Practice

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Building an Ecommerce Team

Based on the experience and recommendations of seasoned ecommerce professionals, this report focuses on the challenges facing ecommerce managers as the digital channel grows and diversifies. It is aimed at client-side ecommerce practitioners who have a hands-on role in managing and growing the ecommerce channel.

Cover for How the Internet Can Save the High Street

How the Internet Can Save the High Street

Containing more than 60 recommendations for retailers who want to succeed in a digital age, this report includes insights from experts and examples of companies which have embraced digital and reaped the rewards. The topics covered in the report include in-store wi-fi, 'reserve and collect', in-store kiosks and 'pop-up shops'.

Ecommerce supplier selection

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