Customer experience maturity

How do you rate your company in terms of customer experience maturity?



What are the three greatest barriers preventing your organisation from improving the customer experience?



In the context of integrated marketing, how would you describe your organisation's capabilities in the following areas?


Obstacles to integrated marketing

Please rank the top three obstacles to consistently integrated marketing activities.


Best Practice

Cover for Multichannel Customer Intelligence

Multichannel Customer Intelligence

This report looks at how brands across the maturity spectrum have tackled the issue of integrating data into their organisations and how they manage that data across multiple channels to improve their business performance. The report also includes recommendations for businesses seeking to improve their capabilities in this area.

Cover for Customer Relationship Management in the Social Age: A Best Practice Guide

CRM in the Social Age

This guide aims to help CMOs develop a future-proofed eCRM strategy, combining the best of traditional eCRM practices, tools and techniques with the rapidly emerging capabilities of social CRM.

A consolidated eCRM / social CRM planning model is defined to help senior marketers identify and manage these two complementary areas of activity and then realise these in a phased, low-risk and cost-effective manner.

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