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What’s the value of “social media” for retailers online?

By Ashley Friedlein,

36-slide PowerPoint presentation from Econsultancy CEO Ashley Friedlein looking at the business case for what value 'social media' online can deliver to retailers.

The presentation was first given at the eTail UK event on 10 June 2009.

Sections of the presentation include:

  1. The numbers, the headlines, the context: stats, market data, figures on what is happening
  2. The key questions: the important strategic and commercial questions retailers need to be asking themselves
  3. What to do?: 10 proposed tactical steps retailers can take to get going with social media + some suggested strategic frameworks for planning social media across product development, sales, marketing and PR, and customer service.
  4. The Nirvana of 'social commerce', the end game?: some thoughts on a vision for where things are going, including 'conversations as markets', federated commerce, widgets and Google Wave.
  5. Answers? Some possible 'answers' to all of this...
  6. Useful resources: some useful links for more data, best practice, case studies etc. on social media and commerce.


  • Powerpoint Disabled What’s the value of “social media” for retailers online? (2.17 MB Microsoft PowerPoint)

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