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Vertical Search Report 2008

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There is a newer version of this report available: Vertical Search B2B Report


The Vertical Search Report, carried out in partnership with Convera, is based on an online survey of more than 500 media and internet professionals carried out in October and November 2007. This research examines the current and potential role of vertical search, with a focus on industry-specific search engines and B2B websites. It is relevant for those who are interested in how people are using different types of search engine for work-related searches, and particularly for specialist publishers and advertisers wishing to understand more about this topic.

About this Report

Highlights from the findings include: -) Publishers need to react quickly to major changes in the digital environment in order to maintain and increase their market share and visibility. Some 80% of internet professionals are already using industry or sector-specific RSS feeds, and more than half of them (54%) have personalised homepages.
-) The overwhelming majority (93%) of those surveyed say that they would be ‘very likely’ or ‘quite likely’ to use a search engine that focused on serving their specific business and work needs.
-) Professionals are typically happy with the results they are getting from Google and other popular search engines but recognise that vertical search engines can offer advantages. More than half of respondents (53%) say that faster access to desired information is a ‘major benefit’ of vertical search.
-) Online revenue streams for publishers are typically increasing while offline revenues are decreasing, highlighting the need for site owners to facilitate and manage this transition to digital.


The report findings are divided into the following sections: -) Work-related internet searches
-) Effectiveness of search
-) RSS feeds, widgets and search toolbars
-) The publisher perspective
-) The advertiser perspective


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