This section contains 80+ must-have market trend reports, survey data, best practice guides and template files related to web project management. Trying to manage your web projects effectively? Download these reports to understand the common pitfalls in web project management and address key challenges.

Web Project Templates

Project Plan - Web Template Files

Download this template document and use it, and adapt it, for your own web projects. This template contains a 15 page outline of all the elements you should include in your web project plan.

Web Project Templates

Pre-publication Checklist - Web Project Template Files

Before you launch your new website, download this checklist to make sure everything has been properly checked and tested.

Best Practice Guides

Charity Website Benchmarks 2007

An update to our 2006 Charities Benchmark Report, this report examines and measures the websites of UK charities.

Best Practice Guides

Web Design Best Practice Guide

Our aim in creating this best practice web design guide is to provide a regularly updated, single point of reference covering best practice approaches for all the topics that anyone involved with website design needs to be aware of.

Best Practice Guides

Web Project Management: Best Practice Guidelines

Fantastic resource for learning the best practices behind successful web projects. We surveyed over 600 web project managers to glean their best practice advice for managing web projects. Our guide packages their most valuable tips and tricks for staying on time, on budget and maintaining quality standards.

Best Practice Guides

Charity Website Benchmarks 2006

[Editor's Note: view our updated 2007 Charity Website Benchmarks Report for the most recent figures on UK charity websites.] The internet is a perfect medium for fundrai...

Best Practice Guides

Online Retail User Experience Benchmarks 2006

E-commerce has come a long way since we published our first Online Retail User Experience Benchmarks study. So what do online, offline and multichannel retailers need to know about the consumer internet habits in 2006?

Trend Briefings

User Experience & Usability - Roundtable Briefing, March 2006

Roundtable notes from last week's insightful event on user experience and usability. A whopping 8 pages long and free to everybody... Subjects covered: 1. User experience and wider business objectives 2. User experience measurement and metr...

Learning Support Material

E-consultancy Newsletter Interviews 2005

Published once a week, the E-business Briefing is distributed to 19,000 internet marketing professionals around the globe. It is free and available to non-subscribers. The newsletter includes an in-depth interview with an internet industry thou...

Survey Reports

Agency Rate Card Survey 2005: How Much Do UK New Media Agencies Charge?

This is THE digital marketing industry report for those who want to benchmark daily rates for UK digital agencies. It covers 50 individual job roles and breaks down rates by agency size.