Below are the reports we have related to digital strategy and planning. This includes broader digital strategy challenges and issues as well as specific topics like digital budgets, digital marketing planning, digital skills, governance, team structures and so on.

Trend Briefings

Social media and relationship development in professional services

The Social media and Relationship Development in Professional Services document is a 25-page report, which is free to Econsultancy registered users. It contains information about best practice, useful resources and statistics which are relevant for professional services companies wishing to harness social media for business development. 

Buyer's Guides

Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) Buyer's Guide

Econsultancy's Demand-Side Platforms Buyer's Guide focuses on the DSP and RTB (real-time bidding) marketplace, with detailed information about the trends and issues affecting the online display advertising sector. The report contains best practice and tips for identifying the right DSP to meet your needs and includes profiles of 16 leading vendors (DSPs) in this space.

Event Presentations

Webinar - 2011 Digital Marketing Trends

Econsultancy's free webinar about Trends in Digital Marketing for 2011 is available both as a PowerPoint presentation and broadcast. The 24-slide presentation includes information on joined-up marketing, organisational change, localisation ... plus much more.

Survey Reports

Customer Engagement Report 2011

This is the fifth annual Customer Engagement Report, produced in association with cScape. This is the most comprehensive and influential report available on customer engagement, and features expert commentary from the likes of Jim Sterne, Adam Hibbert, Ron Shevlin, Richard Sedley, Steve Woods and Ian Jindal.

Internet Statistics

Global Demographics

Econsultancy's Global Demographic Statistics document is one of 11 individual downloads that make up Econsultancy’s Global Internet Statistics Compendium, a comprehensive compilation of worldwide statistics and online market research with data, facts, charts and figures that are essential to understanding the marketplace as a whole.

Trend Briefings

Online Media Report

The Online Media Report focuses on the online advertising landscape and how media buying has evolved in the last decade. The comprehensive report, which has a US focus but is relevant for a global audience, contains a detailed analysis of the current trends and issues affecting the marketplace, as well as an overview of emerging players such as demand-side platforms (DSPs).

Survey Reports

Traits of Effective Marketing Organizations

Produced in association with Eloqua, Traits of Effective Marketing Organizations identifies the key “traits” that marketers need to adopt in order to maximize business performance. The report contains an analysis of current trends in marketing strategy, covering planning of budgets, processes, related technology and skills.

Survey Reports

Multichannel Customer Experience Report 2010

The Multichannel Customer Experience Report, published by Econsultancy in association with Foviance, examines the extent to which organisations have a strategy and framework for providing a joined-up customer experience, and how successful they are in attaining a single customer view. The 45+ page report is based on a survey of more than 500 companies and agencies. 

Survey Reports

Conversion Report 2010

This is the second annual Econsultancy Conversion Report, produced in association with conversion specialists RedEye. The report contains a detailed overview of the tools, strategies, and processes used by companies to improve their conversion rates. The report covers uptake of best practice, barriers to improving conversion rates, and insight into the different ways used to segment site customers and visitors. 

Survey Reports

The Impact of Digital Beyond Sales and Marketing

This is the first The Impact of Digital Beyond Sales and Marketing: How Digital is Transforming Organisations report, published by Econsultancy in association with Blue Latitude. The 35-page report includes an analysis of the impact of digital (including mobile and social media) on different business functions, an examination of the challenges and barriers to greater adoption of digital within the enterprise, and a section on the measurement of success.