Below are the reports we have related to digital strategy and planning. This includes broader digital strategy challenges and issues as well as specific topics like digital budgets, digital marketing planning, digital skills, governance, team structures and so on.

Trend Briefings

Digital Transformation in the Financial Services and Insurance Sector

The Digital Transformation in the FSI Sector: Gearing up for success in a changing market report looks at the challenges and responses that companies within the sector are experiencing as they face up to the need for digital transformation, increasing customer expectations and a platform of niche technology enabled start-ups. 

Survey Reports

Digital Intelligence Briefing: 2017 Digital Trends in Media and Entertainment

The 2017 Digital Trends in Media and Entertainment report is a barometer of the extent to which companies in this sector are embracing digital technology, focusing their strategies and prioritising resources for the year ahead and beyond.

Survey Reports

Digital Intelligence Briefing: 2017 Digital Trends in South Africa

The 2017 Digital Trends in South Africa report, based on the seventh annual trends survey conducted by Econsultancy and Adobe, highlights the key digital trends, challenges and opportunities which South African marketers need to be aware of during 2017, covering topics ranging from customer experience and social media marketing to mobile and artificial intelligence.

Event Presentations

Webinar: The Future of HR in the Digital Age

Our digital transformation webinar covered findings from The Future of HR in the Digital Age report.

Best Practice Guides

The Future of HR in the Digital Age

Econsultancy's Future of HR in the Digital Age Best Practice Guide explores the impact of digital change on HR and the role of HR on the path to digital transformation.

Survey Reports

Digital Intelligence Briefing: 2017 Digital Trends in the Technology Sector

The 2017 Digital Trends in the Technology Sector report demonstrates that organisations within the sector that is transforming many others are leaders in digital integration, but are having to transform their internal structures and strategies to adapt to changing customer demands and behaviours, putting the customer first rather than the product.

Best Practice Guides

Innovation Best Practice Guide

Innovation Best Practice Guide addresses key themes of modern innovation and offers you practical tips, case studies and interviews to help you think differently and create new things.

Survey Reports

2017 State of Digital Transformation in Financial Services

The 2017 State of Digital Transformation in Financial Services report highlights the challenges facing marketers in FSI, their pain points in facing radical disruption from new technologies, and marketing plans for the future within the sector. Competition from new directions is forcing FSI marketers to think differently, and most see the solution to new challenges in raising digital marketing spend and maturity.

Survey Reports

Digital Intelligence Briefing: 2017 Digital Trends in B2B

The 2017 Digital Trends in B2B report demonstrates the priorities and progress being made in B2B marketing as digital experiences in the consumer world continue to bleed into B2B journeys. The results show a sector that, though marred by the familiar 'B2B lags behind B2C' adage, is showing maturity in terms of prioritisation of digital strategy.

Best Practice Guides

Social Media Platforms Overview

Social media is a fast moving beast. Just when you think you've got a grip on the latest developments, a raft of new trends emerge. The Social Media Platforms Overview guide has been updated in 2017 to reflect on this rapidly shifting area of digital marketing and to provide a snapshot of the major social media platforms and the most pressing considerations for marketers looking to generate the most value from social media. Part of our Social Media Best Practice Guide bundle, it provides a summary of the main features of these platforms, and outlines some of the options available to marketers when developing a paid, owned and earned strategic approach to social media marketing and communications.