From help with supplier selection to guides for best practice, our research and reports cover every topic in digital marketing, including PPC (pay-per-click). Paid search is an important part of a marketing campaign, so if you can't find the report you need, get in touch.

Best Practice Guides

Winning New Work: A Business Development Guide for UK Digital Agencies & Consultants

A 58-page guide for UK Digital Agencies and Consultants on how to win more work through effective business development. There is now a 2009 version available.

Event Presentations

Mike Grehan, Smart Interactive, WNIOM Presentation

Download Mike Grehan's presentation on Search Marketing from our What's New in Online Marketing event, Wednesday 7 June 2006. Mike is founder and CEO of Smart Interactive, the European division of MarketSmart Interactive, the world's largest se...

Event Presentations

Acquisition: Case Study 1

Andrew Harding, Director of Strategic Internet Services, The Carphone Warehouse Andrew has worked in retailing for 10 years and online for 7. He started at British Home Stores selling ladies knitwear! He did the deal with CPW to sell mobile pho...

Learning Support Material

Best of E-Marketing Essentials 2005

A compilation of Dave Chaffey's useful monthly bulletins for internet marketing professionals. 'E-Marketing Essentials' are a collection of links to reading material and articles written by Dave and other industry experts, helping to keep e-mar...

Learning Support Material

E-consultancy Newsletter Interviews 2005

Published once a week, the E-business Briefing is distributed to 19,000 internet marketing professionals around the globe. It is free and available to non-subscribers. The newsletter includes an in-depth interview with an internet industry thou...

Survey Reports

Agency Rate Card Survey 2005: How Much Do UK New Media Agencies Charge?

This is THE digital marketing industry report for those who want to benchmark daily rates for UK digital agencies. It covers 50 individual job roles and breaks down rates by agency size.

Best Practice Guides

Managing an E-commerce Team: Integrating Digital Marketing into your Organisation

(NOTE: this report now updated and titled "Managing Digital Channels"). Econsultancy's original, and ground-breaking, research and best practice recommendations into how to manage, and integrate, digital marketing within an organisation.

Trend Briefings

Briefing: Web Measurement & Analysis

What you need to know about Web Measurement & Analysis straight from leading practitioners in the field. What are the top issues in Web Measurement & Analysis faced by site owners? What are the trends over the next 12 months? What are the best whi...

Best Practice Guides

Why Websites Don't Work: What goes wrong and how to put it right

This 13 page white paper is refreshingly simple and to the point. A no-nonsense, practical guide to the realities of what makes websites work, or not as the case may be. Avoiding consultant-speak, Dr Carragher of Trinomics address the fundamentals...

Survey Reports

E-Marketing: What do users really think about it?

E-marketing. Simple, cheap and instantaneous - in theory an ideal form of marketing communication. However, the low cost of transmission and the ease of delivery and receipt of eMarketing is not an automatic guarantee of increased sales and profit...