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Trend Briefings

The Japan Digital Report

The Japan Digital Report aims to provide background for marketers who are outside of Japan and currently marketing in Japan, thinking of launching a campaign there, or curious about the country and its digital landscape. It should help marketers looking to make a case for investing more in the country and serve as a starting point for further research.

Survey Reports

Media Budgets Index

Designed to examine the relationship between where marketers are spending their money and where consumers are spending their time, the Media Budgets Index is a global study of advertising trends and consumer behaviour. Published by Econsultancy in association with Datalicious, this report pulls together findings from new research, and also provides recommendations on opportunities within online and traditional media spend.

Survey Reports

The Tension in B2B Customer Experience Management: Traditional priorities vs. new expectations

The Tension in B2B Customer Experience Management report, published by Econsultancy in association with SAP Hybris, explores the extent to which B2B organizations address the challenge of improving the customer experience and how well equipped they are for the omnichannel future. The research is based on a global survey of over 220 senior leaders at B2B companies spanning a range of industries.

Survey Reports

Marketing Budgets 2016

The Marketing Budgets 2016 Report, published by Econsultancy in association with Oracle Marketing Cloud, is a bellwether for the health of the marketing industry. It looks at the extent to which companies are increasing their budgets across a range of channels and technologies, comparing online and offline budgets while also looking at the balance between acquisition and retention marketing.

Trend Briefings

The China Digital Report

This China Digital Report analyses China's burgeoning digital economy and explores the real-life experiences and outcomes of companies who have recently launched their brands in China.

Digital Marketing Templates

Ecommerce Projects - Digital Marketing Template Files

Having difficulties with your ecommerce strategy? These templates will help you assess, strategise and deliver against your ecommerce objectives.

Survey Reports

Conversion Rate Optimization Report 2015

This is the seventh annual Econsultancy Conversion Rate Optimization Report, in association with RedEye. The research looks at the types of conversion strategies and tactics organizations are using, in addition to the tools and processes employed for improving conversion rates. As well as touching on the use and impact of personalization, the research also covers different areas of best practice and identifies methods and techniques which are most valuable for improving conversion rates.

Trend Briefings

Digital Shift Q3 2015

Digital Shift, a quarterly service from Econsultancy exclusively for Enterprise subscribers, is intended as a guide to support strategic thinking. Focused tightly on digital technologies, marketing and ecommerce, it’s about delivering actionable insight on trends that will be significant in the short to mid-term, and which can be used to generate new ideas, improve business performance and stay ahead of the competition.

Trend Briefings

A Marketer’s Guide to Virtual Reality

The Marketer’s Guide to Virtual Reality attempts to demystify the world of virtual reality and explain how it can form part of your marketing ecosystem.

Trend Briefings

The Digital Retailer: Trends, Opportunities and Challenges

This report draws on various pieces of Econsultancy research in order to give a snapshot of the retail sector in the digital age, while also offering a glimpse of the future with numerous case studies from forward-thinking brands who are already capitalising on the technology available.