Trend Briefings

Mobile Experience Trends Briefing: Digital Cream London 2013

Econsultancy's Mobile Experience Trends Briefing, free to registered users, focuses on the key themes, opportunities and challenges relating to mobile experience as highlighted by client-side digital marketers during Digital Cream 2013. The mobile experience roundtable was sponsored by IBM Tealeaf and moderated by Rob Thurner, a mobile consultant and co-founder of Burner Mobile.

Survey Reports

Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: From Content Management to Customer Experience Management

Econsultancy's Q2 2013 Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing, produced in partnership with Adobe, is devoted to the topic of web content management (WCM), an area which is becoming a focal point for companies wishing to deliver a truly seamless multichannel customer experience. The report is based on a survey which has attracted more than 1,000 respondents globally and set a record for this on-going series of reports.

Survey Reports

The Realities of Online Personalisation

The Realities of Online Personalisation report, sponsored by Monetate, looks in detail at what is driving online personalisation, the tactics and types of data being used to tailor the online customer experience and the barriers to success. The research is based on a survey of more than 1,100 digital and ecommerce professionals working for brands and agencies.

Best Practice Guides

Ecommerce Best Practice Compendium

This report is based on our in-depth articles on ecommerce best practice, and forms a valuable guide to improving the ecommerce user experience for visitors, and maximising conversion rates for online retailers.

It contains hundreds of tips and examples from ecommerce sites on improving search and navigation, making product pages more effective, and reducing checkout abandonment rates. 

Event Presentations

JUMP New York 2013 Presentations

Presentations from Econsultancy's JUMP New York, online and offline marketing all joined up, event on January 30, 2013. Over 750 digital marketers attended to hear from those leading the way in multichannel marketing.

Survey Reports

Mobile Sophistication and Strategy Report

Produced in conjunction with Kontagent, a leading mobile customer intelligence solutions provider, this report takes a hard look at how organizations and agencies are responding to the ever-expanding reach and importance of mobile. It draws conclusions from a January 2013 survey of active users in the space: 1,301 representatives from agencies and client-side firms offered frank opinions about their businesses' mobile performance so far and what may change in the future.

Survey Reports

The SoDA Report: Digital Marketing Outlook, 2013

Produced in collaboration with the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA), this report includes highlights from the Digital Marketing Outlook survey, which attracted 814 respondents from leading agencies and global companies. The report offers insights into future shifts in marketing, such as the importance of humanizing data, creating credible content, and why user-centric design deserves greater attention.

Event Presentations

What's trending in digital marketing in 2013

This 57-slide presentation was compiled by Peter Abraham, Exec VP EMEA & Asia at Econsultancy. In this presentation Peter looks at trends that are on the increase in digital marketing and how many of them are interrelated.

Best Practice Guides

Customer Relationship Management in the Social Age: A Best Practice Guide

The Customer Relationship Management in the Social Age Best Practice Guide, written by experienced eCRM and social CRM strategist Andrew Campbell, aims to help CMOs develop a future-proofed eCRM strategy, which will involve combining the best of traditional eCRM practices, tools and techniques with the rapidly emerging capabilities of social CRM.

Survey Reports

User Experience Survey Report

The User Experience Survey Report, conducted by Econsultancy in association with WhatUsersDo, is based on a survey of more than 1,400 professionals working for brands, agencies and specialist user experience firms. The research looks at the approaches taken by companies and agencies, and the challenges and barriers they face. The report also covers the extent, aspects and methods of user experience testing currently being carried out.