Event Presentations

Eu Gene Ang: The challenges of online reputation management - Keynote at Digital Cream Singapore 2012

Keynote presentation (41 slides) by Eu Gene Ang, Director and Principal Trainer of eAcademy Asia Pte Ltd, on online reputation management in Asia, at Econsultancy's Digital Cream event in Singapore, on 29th November 2012. 

Event Presentations

The Future of Digital Marketing Australia - Keynote Presentation from Digital Cream Sydney

Keynote presentation (45+ slides) by Linus Gregoriadis and Jake Hird, outlining their visions for the future of digital marketing in Australia. Presented at Econsultancy's Digital Cream, Sydney, on 23 October 2012. 

JUMP Magazine

JUMP Magazine - Fall 2012

JUMP is Econsultancy's magazine in support of the multichannel event, JUMP, which takes place on January 30, 2013 in New York. In this issue of JUMP Magazine, we look at attribution, social metrics and new ways to bridge multi-channel, integrated marketing campigns. Big data is the theme, but there are also articles on the innovative multichannel campaigns, social media engagement, customer experience and and multichannel retailing.

Buyer's Guides

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Buyer's Guide

Econsultancy's Real-Time Bidding Buyer's Guide focuses on the RTB marketplace, with detailed information about the trends and issues affecting the online advertising sector. The guide includes detailed profiles of the leading demand-side platforms (DSPs), trading desks and supply-side platforms (SSPs), best practice and tips for identifying the right platform to meet your needs.

Digital Marketing Templates

Guide to Building Relationships with Affiliate Partners - Digital Marketing Template Files

Part of Econsultancy's Digital Marketing Template Files, this specific document will help you to build strong and profitable relationships with your affiliate marketing partners.

Digital Marketing Templates

Affiliate Marketing Weekly Report - Digital Marketing Template Files

Part of Econsultancy's Digital Marketing Template Files, this Excel spreadsheet will help you measure the impacts of your affiliate partners on a weekly basis.

Digital Marketing Templates

Measuring Affiliate Marketing: Goals, Objectives and KPIs - Digital Marketing Template Files

Part of Econsultancy's Digital Marketing Template Files, this specific document will help you establish and measure your affiliate marketing goals, objectives and KPIs.

Innovation Report

The Innovation Report

Download our Innovation Report to see examples of tactics and innovative business models across the whole range of digital marketing disciplines, including online advertising, ecommerce, mobile, social media, and search. Companies featured in this report include Kiva, Lastminute.com, Dell and Photobox.

Survey Reports

The Multi-Screen Marketer

The Multi-Screen Marketer addresses rapidly shifting media consumption behavior. Consumers are viewing content simultaneously on multiple devices, and brands are learning to chase them across the gaps. This report, conducted in association with the IAB, combines a survey with extensive trend analysis by Stefan Tornquist, Econsultancy's VP of Research.

Survey Reports

The ROI of Tag Management

The ROI of Tag Management examines the challenges of website tag management, and uncovers best practices and solutions. Website tags enable analytics, optimization, and personalization; 88% of surveyed respondents say that effectively managing website tags is fundamental to effective digital marketing. Read this report and learn everything that digital marketers need to know, now.