Event Presentations

The Future of Digital Marketing 2010 - Presentations

The presentations from The Future of Digital Marketing event on 16th June 2010 in London, UK.

Event Presentations

The Future of Digital Marketing 2009 - Presentations

The presentations (in Powerpoint and PDF files) from The Future of Digital Marketing event on 17th June 2009 in London, UK.

Survey Reports

Online Measurement and Strategy Report 2009

An analysis of the web analytics industry based on a survey of digital marketers. The 64-page report and 30-slide presentation contain valuable insights into the use of paid-for and free web analytics tools.

Best Practice Guides

Delivering Successful E-commerce Projects

E-commerce project management is complicated at the best of times, given the sheer number of potential challenges involved. This report will help you navigate the challenges, whether you work on the client-side or supply-side.

Survey Reports

US Affiliate Census

The US Affiliate Census 2009, based on a survey of affiliates, is the most detailed study available about the performance marketing landscape, and essential reading for digital marketers.

Survey Reports

Affiliate Marketing Survey Report 2008

This research is based on a survey of 250 merchants and 150 agencies, containing unique data about the use of affiliate marketing, spending on this channel and its effectiveness.

Survey Reports

Online Shopping and Credit Crunch Survey Report

The Online Shopping and Credit Crunch Survey Report, free to Econsultancy users, sheds light on the impact that the economic climate is having on online spending.

Buyer's Guides

Comparison Engines Buyer's Guide 2008

This 143-page report, with profiles of 16 leading comparison engines, is a useful guide for all those investigating the shopping comparison market. Learn about increasing competition in the industry, the challenges of Web 2.0, and the emergence of social shopping.

Buyer's Guides

Affiliate Marketing Networks Buyer's Guide 2008

The definite guide to the £4 billion UK affiliate marketing industry, with profiles of 17 leading networks, the latest market trends and advice for buyers. The best affiliate marketing guide available.

Event Presentations

Online Marketing Masterclasses 2007 - Retain Case Study 1

RETAIN & GROW Case Study 1: Jonathan Davies, Head of E-commerce and Relationship Marketing, Eurostar As Head of E-commerce & Relationship Marketing for Eurostar, Jon has responsibility for Eurostar's online sales and marketing in all markets an...