Buyer's Guides

Comparison Engines Buyer's Guide 2008

This 143-page report, with profiles of 16 leading comparison engines, is a useful guide for all those investigating the shopping comparison market. Learn about increasing competition in the industry, the challenges of Web 2.0, and the emergence of social shopping.

Buyer's Guides

Affiliate Marketing Networks Buyer's Guide 2008

The definite guide to the £4 billion UK affiliate marketing industry, with profiles of 17 leading networks, the latest market trends and advice for buyers. The best affiliate marketing guide available.

Event Presentations

Online Marketing Masterclasses 2007 - Convert Case Study 1

Presentaion by Sarah Blair Gould, E-commerce Manager, Boden, at Econsultancy's 2008 Online Marketing Masterclasses event in London, UK. Sarah talks about what Boden do to optimise conversion rates on their site and what works best.

Survey Reports

Affiliate Marketing Merchants Report 2007

This research, carried out in association with, is based on an online survey carried out in August and September 2007 and reflects the nature of affiliate marketing merchants.

Buyer's Guides

E-commerce Platforms Buyer's Guide 2007

An invaluable resource for those investigating the e-commerce platforms market, with profiles of 20 leading UK vendors. This extensive guide also covers trends affecting e-commerce and tips and pitfalls for buyers. A 2009 version of this report is available.

Survey Reports

Social Commerce Report 2007

This survey-based report looks at how companies are embracing social media and enabling customers to interact with each other to improve their sales and marketing.

Best Practice Guides

Online Retail: Checkout Special

Information and advice surrounding online checkouts, including Design Patterns, Recommendations and References.

Best Practice Guides

Web Design Best Practice Guide

Our aim in creating this best practice web design guide is to provide a regularly updated, single point of reference covering best practice approaches for all the topics that anyone involved with website design needs to be aware of.

Survey Reports

UK Affiliate Census Report 2007

The UK's thriving affiliate community represents an important group of internet marketers who collectively generated more than £2 billion in e-commerce sales during 2006. Yet despite their contribution to the growth of internet retail, remarkab...

Trend Briefings

Affiliate Marketing Roundtable Briefing, October 2006

This 10-page briefing is a summary of an Econsultancy roundtable on affiliate marketing (free access). The document contains a write-up of the discussion, an overview of UK affiliate marketing, the latest e-commerce statistics and a section on ...