JUMP Magazine

JUMP Magazine: Issue four

JUMP is Econsultancy's multichannel magazine in support of the multichannel event, JUMP, which takes place on 12 October 2011. In this fourth issue of JUMP Magazine we focus on a number of areas that will help you to join up your business, including multichannel customer servicebrilliant multichannel campaignsmobile apps vs. websitesmobile checkoutsPR's role in joined up marketing, and how brands can get creative with QR codes.

Event Presentations

The Future of Digital Marketing 2011 Presentations

Presentations from Econsultancy's Future of Digital Marketing event on 15th June 2011. Over 300 digital marketers attended to hear from those leading the way in the digital landscape on topics including the Rise of M-commerce, Online Video, Augmented Reality, Online Community Management and Web 3.0: The Rise of the Tablet and Application Era.

Event Presentations

The Future of Digital Marketing 2010 - Presentations

The presentations from The Future of Digital Marketing event on 16th June 2010 in London, UK.

Best Practice Guides

Customer Experience Benchmarking: Automotive Industry: Car Comparison Tools

User experience can make or break a company online. In association with Global Reviews, Econsultancy has produced this specific customer experience benchmarking document which highlights the various best practices needed in the arena of online car comparison tools. Although this document focuses on the automotive sector, the processes and practices can be applied across a wide variety of industries. 

Survey Reports

Online Lead Generation (B2C) Report 2008

Online lead generation is an area of digital marketing which is becoming increasingly influential. This survey-based reasearch outlines how companies are using this channel and how much they are spending.

Best Practice Guides

Web Design Best Practice Guide

Our aim in creating this best practice web design guide is to provide a regularly updated, single point of reference covering best practice approaches for all the topics that anyone involved with website design needs to be aware of.

Trend Briefings

Affiliate Marketing Roundtable Briefing, October 2006

This 10-page briefing is a summary of an Econsultancy roundtable on affiliate marketing (free access). The document contains a write-up of the discussion, an overview of UK affiliate marketing, the latest e-commerce statistics and a section on ...

Best Practice Guides

Online Retail User Experience Benchmarks 2006

E-commerce has come a long way since we published our first Online Retail User Experience Benchmarks study. So what do online, offline and multichannel retailers need to know about the consumer internet habits in 2006?

Trend Briefings

User Experience & Usability - Roundtable Briefing, March 2006

Roundtable notes from last week's insightful event on user experience and usability. A whopping 8 pages long and free to everybody... Subjects covered: 1. User experience and wider business objectives 2. User experience measurement and metr...

Trend Briefings

Online Customer Service - Roundtable Briefing, March 2006

A free roundtable report to help you understand the key trends, issues and opportunities in online customer service, which is a no-brainer and helps you improve customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. Subjects covered: 1. Progress made in...