Survey Reports

SEMPO State of Search Marketing Report 2012

The State of Search Marketing Report 2012, published by Econsultancy in association with SEMPO, looks in-depth at how companies are using paid search, search engine optimization (natural search) and social media marketing. The report looks closely at current practices and emerging trends across paid search and SEO, as well as their relationship with social media.

Trend Briefings

Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: Managing and Measuring Social

Econsultancy's Q3 2012 Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing, produced in partnership with Adobe, examines the trends for managing and measuring the business value of social media and provides a snapshot of social media uses, challenges and needs from companies today. The research is based on a survey of more than 650 marketing professionals from agencies and the client-side, a near-equal mix of B2C and B2B across industries in North America and Europe with a concentration in the US and UK.


Infographic: Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Ecosystem

The Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Ecosystem infographic looks at the different types of companies across the RTB landscape, including demand-side platforms (DSPs), trading desks, supply-side platforms (SSPs), data partners, and ad verification / brand protection platforms.

Buyer's Guides

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Buyer's Guide

Econsultancy's Real-Time Bidding Buyer's Guide focuses on the RTB marketplace, with detailed information about the trends and issues affecting the online advertising sector. The guide includes detailed profiles of the leading demand-side platforms (DSPs), trading desks and supply-side platforms (SSPs), best practice and tips for identifying the right platform to meet your needs.

Buyer's Guides

PPC Bid Management Technology Buyer's Guide 2012

The PPC Bid Management Technology Buyer's Guide is aimed at those who are investigating the global market for paid search tools. The report contains profiles of 14 leading suppliers, a detailed analysis of market trends and guidance about how to select the right technology.

Best Practice Guides

The Presentation Style of Web Analytics Data and Decision-Making

This report written by Econsultancy MSc Digital Marketing Communications graduate Mark McGee is based on the findings from his dissertation titled 'The Presentation Style of Web Analytics Data and Decision-Making'. The report tests the hypothesis that an infoposter (infographic) would have a detrimental effect on decision-making ability and quality. The findings of the research implied that there was no discernible difference in the ability of digital marketing professionals to make a decision using either raw data in a tabular format or as an infoposter.

Trend Briefings

Smart Pack: Influencer Channels: From Klout to Klouchebag

Influencer Channels: From Klout to Klouchebag explains the basics of opt-in influencer marketing channels, and explores the topic that is on the tip of the industry's tongue: why influencer scoring has caused such controversy, and how brands can manuever around it to succeed. This 19-page report is the sixth in a series of smart packs developed by Econsultancy that are designed to explore emerging trends and new areas relating to digital marketing.

Event Presentations

Digital marketer 2015: What will you be doing?

This 35+ slide presentation, delivered at Australia's Online Retailer Conference, looks at the digital marketing landscape, emerging technologies, trends and the shopper of the future.


Infographic: The ROI of Personalisation

Ther ROI of Personalisation infographic shows how companies are personalising the web experience and how they are measuring ROI. The infographic sums up the key findings of Econsultancy's Q2 2012 Digital Intelligence Briefing, produced in association with Adobe.

Survey Reports

Online Measurement and Strategy Report 2012

The fifth annual Online Measurement and Strategy Report, carried out in association with web analytics consultancy Lynchpin, contains a comprehensive analysis of issues affecting the web analytics industry and valuable insights into the use of analytics and business intelligence tools.