Trend Briefings

Connected TV Smart Pack

The Connected TV Smart Pack includes market trends, key statistics and case study examples of companies using connected TV for marketing and provides an overview of the main players in this increasingly important sector. This 80-page report is the fifth in a series of smart packs developed by Econsultancy that are designed to explore emerging trends and new areas relating to digital marketing.

Trend Briefings

Brazil: Digital Market Landscape Report

This Econsultancy report about the digital landscape in Brazil is the first in a series of briefings focused on emerging markets, aimed primarily at those outside these countries who are looking for an overview.

Best Practice Guides

The EU Cookie Law: A guide to compliance

How to ensure that your website complies with the EU e-Privacy Directive

The EU Cookie Law report looks into the legal changes as they affect online businesses in the UK, the potential threats to online business models and the steps that companies could be taking now to demonstrate compliance with the EU ePrivacy Directive.

This guide explains the legislation as far as it affects UK online businesses, sets out some practical steps that you can take towards compliance, as well as showing some practical examples of how websites can gain users’ consent for setting cookies.

Best Practice Guides

The Progression of Agency Value: Developing a Model for Agency Maturity in a Digital World

The Progression of Agency Value: Developing a Model for Agency Maturity in a Digital World report, published in association with Adobe, aims to identify the key challenges faced by agencies in a fast-changing marketplace. The study looks at how agencies are responding through their own use of technology and the required adaptations of skillsets, processes and behaviours. The 59-page report also provides a broad-based model for agency maturity incorporating the essential component areas arising from the research (data, technology, skills and culture).

Survey Reports

Marketing Attribution: Valuing the Customer Journey

Econsultancy's Marketing Attribution: Understanding Value Across the Customer Journey, sponsored by Google Analytics, is a survey and collection of interviews with marketers about the benefits  of attribution across multiple channels, various approaches and technologies used, and the keys to success.

Trend Briefings

B2B Digital Marketing Trends Briefing: Key takeaways from Digital Cream London 2012

Econsultancy's B2B Digital Marketing Trends Briefing focuses on the key trends, challenges and solutions for B2B digital marketers. Based on roundtables from Digital Cream London 2012, the guide has been co-authored by nine independent B2B marketing experts who also acted as moderators for the roundtables at Digital Cream.

Best Practice Guides

Best Practices in Digital Display Advertising

Best Practices in Digital Display Advertising: How to make a complex ecosystem work efficiently for your organization is a comprehensive overview of display media advertising. Tailored to marketers who are attempting both branding and direct response, topics covered include emergent technology, key changes, and guidance on how to discover, buy, serve, and measure digital display media advertisements.

Buyer's Guides

SEO Agencies Buyer's Guide 2012

Econsultancy's SEO Agencies Buyer’s Guide focuses on the UK search engine optimisation (SEO) marketplace and contains detailed information about the trends and issues affecting this particular sector of digital marketing. The report contains extensive insight about how to find the right natural search agency to meet your needs, and profiles 36 leading UK agencies.

Survey Reports

EU e-Privacy Directive survey

In March 2012, Econsultancy ran a short poll of more than 700 marketers about the new EU e-Privacy Directive to see how companies are preparing for the new legislation ahead of the May 26 deadline for compliance. This free 141-page report contains the full findings of the survey and looks at how well companies understand the new EU cookie laws. 

Trend Briefings

Smart Pack: The Social Shift in Internal Communications

Social media is changing more than just how consumers communicate to one another -it's reshaping businesses as well. Smart Pack: The Social Shift in Internal Communications examines not only how companies are using social media to communicate internally, but also how social media is changing production methods to include teams of 'on-demand' networked freelancers.