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Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: Social Data

By Econsultancy,

Econsultancy's third Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing, sponsored by Adobe, looks at the extent to which organizations use social data, what is preventing them from harnessing social data as effectively as they would like, their approach to social CRM and the role of social signals for determining search rankings. The research is based on a survey of around 600 business respondents predominantly in the United States and Europe.

The following sections are featured in the report:

  • Social data at our fingertips and yet often beyond reach
  • The social data opportunity... can you impress the CFO?
  • Overcoming barriers: how to become a social organization
  • Unifying disparate sources of data
  • Social CRM: understand your customers' social behaviour
  • Social signals – the future of search is happening now
  • Harnessing real-time data insights

Findings include:

  • Around half of companies are now using social data to gauge sentiment, to enable more targeted and relevant communication, to improve customer service, to address specific complaints and to inform product and services development.
  • Organizations recognize the potential value in joining CRM with social, but they've been stymied in practice, largely by their own systems.
  • Only 6% of responding companies say that social signals are having a major impact on their search and social media strategies.

The third Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing also contains a matrix outlining the four-stage journey a company needs to take when moving from using social simply as a tool and then as a channel, through to embedding social as a platform on the way to becoming a 'social organization'.

Download a copy of the report to learn more. 

free sample is available for those who want more detail about what is in the report.


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