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Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: Q3 2011

By Econsultancy,

Econsultancy's second Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing, sponsored by Adobe, looks at the level of uptake for a range of digital-related technologies, their impact on the bottom line and their cost in time and other resources. The research is based on a survey of more than 900 business respondents predominantly in Europe and the United States.  

The following sections are featured in the report:

  • Overloaded by tech?
  • Web analytics isn't just tech
  • The privacy problem
  • Uninformed robots aren't useful
  • Robots, talk amongst yourselves
  • Companies need left and right brains
  • Your gut is smarter than a bad algorithm
As with our first briefing, we also asked responding companies whether they agreed or disagreed with a number of statements, this time technology-related.

Findings include:

  • Nearly half of responding companies disagree with the statement that their executives understand the importance of marketing technology.
  • Two thirds of respondents predict that privacy concerns will impact the industry's ability to target effectively.
  • Marketers are more lilkely to believe that marketing is a science rather than an art.

Download a copy of the report to learn more. 

free sample is available for those who want more detail about what is in the report.


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