Trends & Innovation

Online Customer Service - Roundtable Briefing, March 2006

By Econsultancy,

A free roundtable report to help you understand the key trends, issues and opportunities in online customer service, which is a no-brainer and helps you improve customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. Subjects covered:
1. Progress made in online customer service
2. Secrets (and barriers) to successful implementation
3. Identifying valuable customers
4. Using proactive interactions to generate sales opportunites
5. Cost of customer service by channel/business case
6. Online customer service trends Econsultancy roundtables are attended by senior Econsultancy personnel, along with corporate subscribers, agencies and technology vendors. Attendees: AXA-PPP, Creative Virtual, GfK, Net-A-Porter, O2, Post Office,, Proficient, Royal Mail, Synthetix, Talisma.