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Online Brand Analysis - Digital Marketing Template Files

By Econsultancy,


Digital Marketing Template Files: Social Media and Online PR

Authors: Karl Havard, Jake Hird, Econsultancy 

Files included: 2 files 

Titles: Online Brand Analysis, Online Brand Analysis Accompanying Document

About these templates

Social media and online PR are evolving all the time. Because of this, we've created generic templates that get to the core of how you should run a successful online campaign in these areas.

The Online Brand Analysis document is an anonymous study of brand analysis, used for genuine clients, combining both onsite and offsite consumer behaviour (with a focus upon keywords and conversations).

It is expected that the document will help guide you in assessing your brand footprint across the social web. The analysis highlighted will also enable any online organisation to make informed decisions on how to embrace social media and include it as part of a branding strategy.


  • Pdf SAMPLE: READ FIRST: Econsultancy Digital Marketing Template Files (1.61 MB PDF)
  • Pdf Disabled Online Brand Analysis (10.5 MB PDF)
  • Pdf Disabled Online Brand Analysis Accompanying Document (175 KB PDF)

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