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MORE TH>N - Online Marketing Masterclasses 2004

By Martin Aylward,

MORE TH>N'S Martin Aylward's presentation at Econsultancy's 2004 Online Marketing Masterclasses on Online Customer Acquisition. Martin explains MORE TH>N's approach to online marketing and customer acquisition. There is a strong focus on measuring and optimising return on investment (ROI). Martin talks through a range of methods, tools and techniques including: view through sales, PPC bidding strategies, e-mail tracking, telephone response tracking, affiliate tracking. There is a slide which explains MORE TH>N's planning process. Martin then talks about the value of econometric modeling to isolate the effect of different variables on leads and sales. The final part of Martin's presentation explains MORE TH>N's focus on customer lifetime value: it's not just about sales but quality of sales as measured by a lifetime value model based on a 5 year present net value which takes into account acquisition costs, expenses, claims, retention, etc. A customer segmentation model can then be applied according to current and future customer value.


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