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Mobile Marketing and Commerce Report 2013

By Econsultancy,

The Mobile Marketing and Commerce Report 2013, carried out in association with BuyDesire, looks at the extent to which companies are committed to mobile, the channels and technologies they are using, and the challenges they face in improving their capabilities in this area. This report is based on a survey of more than 500 companies and agencies, carried out in July and August 2013.

The report gives insight into regional differences in commitment to mobile strategy, which mobile channels and technologies companies are currently using and plan to use, and the way companies view the threat of showrooming... plus much more.

The survey findings are divided into the following sections:

  • Mobile readiness
  • Multichannel
  • Mobile budgets
  • Understanding of ROI and measurement
  • Retail attitudes towards mobile
  • Barriers to mobile success
  • Outsourcing mobile

Highlights include:

  • Company investment in mobile marketing and m-commerce reaching tipping point
  • Companies in Asia most likely to have a mobile strategy
  • Mobile-assisted shopping on the increase, but companies in denial about threat of showrooming

Table of contents

  1. Executive Summary and Highlights
  2. Foreword by BuyDesire
    1. About BuyDesire
    2. About Econsultancy
  3. Methodology
  4. Findings
    1. Mobile readiness
      1. Mobile channels and technologies currently being used
      2. Plans for mobile channels and technologies
      3. Opinions on mobile strategy
    2. Multichannel
      1. Percentage of revenue generated by ecommerce
      2. Proportion of purchases made on mobile
      3. Mobile marketing and ecommerce focus
    3. Mobile budgets
      1. Current mobile spend
      2. Mobile-specific budgets
      3. Future budget plans
      4. Channel-specific budget plans
    4. Understanding and measurement
      1. General understanding of mobile
      2. Perceived understanding of senior managers
      3. Use of metrics
      4. Understanding mobile ROI
    5. Retail attitudes towards mobile
    6. Barriers to mobile success
      1. Most significant barriers
      2. Specific local barriers
      3. Single biggest barrier
    7. Outsourcing mobile
  5. Appendix
    1. Respondent profiles
      1. Business Sector
      2. Job role
      3. Size of company by revenue
      4. Current digital marketing budgets
      5. Geography

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