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Managing Digital Channels Best Practice Guide

By Dave Chaffey,


As the importance of digital media in influencing and supporting purchase continues to increase dramatically, companies face many new management challenges to integrate e-commerce and digital marketing into their marketing activities. Econsultancy commissioned this interview and survey-based research to assess a range of medium to large UK organisations for the following: -) Common issues and challenges faced by managers responsible for integrating digital channels into their marketing and business operations. -) Different strategies and best practice approaches to meet these challenges. -) Practical solutions to these challenges. -) Diagnostic tools to assess capabilities and to identify a plan for improvement.

About this Guide

This report, which is based on a survey of more than 100 senior digital marketers, is a follow-up to the Managing an E-commerce Team report we published in 2005. As with our 2005 report, the lead author of this guide is Dr Dave Chaffey, a specialist internet marketing trainer and consultant who has worked with a range of well-known organisations including BP, HSBC and Siebel Systems. The report is divided into three main parts: -) Introduction to digital marketing strategy -) Key digital strategy components -) Approaches to digital marketing governance in organisations


This guide will provide you with around 50 recommendations on best practice approaches to developing digital marketing strategies and 50 practical tips. It also contains many frameworks for diagnosing current digital channel management processes including 65 figures and 13 tables.

Who this Guide is For

This report is designed for senior digital marketers and strategists. It is also intended to inform non-digital marketing specialists such as senior managers who want to learn more about integrating e-commerce into an organisation. Agencies can also benefit from this report because it will help them understand the challenges faced by their clients.

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