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JUMP Magazine: Issue one


JUMP is Econsultancy's multichannel magazine in support of the multichannel event, JUMP.

JUMP itself represents multichannel thinking: it is a print magazine, launched by an online publisher to support an offline event. See what we did there?

Joined-up marketing and PR really matters. It can enhance the customer experience, while increasing engagement, satisfaction, sales and profits. JUMP will shine a bright light on best practice multichannel stategies.

In this first issue of JUMP Magazine we focus on a number of areas that will help you to join up your business, including why brands should launch print catalogues and magazines, how to track inbound telephone calls with web analytics, emerging multichannel job roles, and why retailers need multichannel returns policies.

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12. Why brands should launch print catalogues and magazines

14. Social media to sales

16. How to track inbound telephone calls with web analytics


18. Now hiring! Emerging multichannel roles

20. Multichannel customer service

24. Why retailers need multichannel returns policies

28. Q&A with firstdirect Head of Brand Natalie Cowen

32. E-commerce to store, and vice versa

36. Mobile: threat or opportunity?

40. Cross-platform content development strategies

Case studies

47. National Trust

48. Fairtrade Fortnight


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