Event Presentations

HR in a Digital World (Australia)

By Jake Hird, Econsultancy,

Keynote presentation (85+ slides) by Jake Hird, outlining the relationship between HR and wider digital transformation in Australia.

Delivered at Carter Murray's closed roundtable conference in Sydney during April 2013.

The presentation considers the following elements:

  • The use of social and digital media within internal communications and staff management
  • The impact of emerging technologies on company culture, personal brand, corporate brand and EVP
  • Policy setting around personal use of social media in and outside the workplace
  • Training and up-skilling the workforce to take full advantage of social and digital media
  • Tools and channels to add to your recruitment, talent pooling and employer branding tool kits 
  • Effective screening techniques for digital candidates – cutting through the hype



  • Pdf Disabled HR in a Digital World (Australia) (3.79 MB PDF)

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