Market Data

E-Marketing: What do users really think about it?

By Ian Stockley,

E-marketing. Simple, cheap and instantaneous - in theory an ideal form of marketing communication. However, the low cost of transmission and the ease of delivery and receipt of eMarketing is not an automatic guarantee of increased sales and profitability.. Ian Stockley explains and shares the results of his eMarketing survey with some surprising outcomes. In his analysis, he draws on demographic variations and relationship dependant responses to email marketing verus direct mail, tv and sms. Exclusively available to e-consultancy are the results and analysis of Ian Stockley's omnibus survey of 1,300 e-mail users asking detailed questions relating to e-marketing, providing interesting qualitative insight into optimising user response to emarketing.


  • Word Disabled 3 page analysis of the fulll survey results (120 KB Microsoft Word)
  • Pdf Disabled Full 55 pages of survey results (422 KB PDF)

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