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Digital Transformation: Driven by the customer (NYC) round-up and presentations

By David Tradewell and Stefan Tornquist,

Econsultancy brought together senior leaders for a morning of insight into transforming your organization to one of digital excellence and customer centricity. Key topics discussed at the Digital Transformation roundtable event in NYC last week include:

  • Strategies to affect change - be brave and do something different, create an appetite for data, get leadership buy-in and work in short sprints
  • The need for agility - while agility may be a buzzword that has been overused, its' importance was evident. Many attendees lamented the lack of budget to new innovative projects. In order to get budget, managers must make a business case. But what's the ROI of agility?
  • Putting the customer first - the need to think of the customer ahead of everything else was spoken of repeatedly, representing a change from sales-driven objectives to prioritising customer service to reach these goals
  • A lack of digital skills - many feel underprepared in terms of the skills to deal with the degree of change coming down the line
  • Measuring the ROI of content - define your objectives and find the appropriate metrics for success.

There are a number of Econsultancy reports as part of the Digital Transformation content series:

Skills of the Modern Marketer 

Securing Board Buy-in Best Practice Guide

Agility and Innovation Best Practice Guide

Insourcing and Outsourcing: The Right Balance for Digital Success

Organizational Structures and Resourcing

Digital Content Strategy Best Practice Guide


  • Pdf Disabled Digital Transformation: Content, Experience and Growth (3.64 MB PDF)
  • Pdf Disabled Digital Transformation: Innovation and Agility (35.4 MB PDF)

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