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Big Data Trends Briefing: Digital Cream London 2013

By Econsultancy,

Econsultancy's Big Data Trends Briefing, free to registered users, focuses on the key themes, opportunities and challenges related to big data as highlighted by client-side digital marketers during Digital Cream London 2013. The Big Data roundtable was sponsored by TagMan and moderated by Michael Barnett, Strategies Editor at Marketing Week.


Contributions from: Andrew Campbell, Dr Duncan R Shaw, Ron Brien

Pages: 22 pages

Structure: 'big data' definition, trends, opportunities and challenges, best practice, market data and statistics, resources

About this report

The briefing is based on the issues discussed by digital marketers at Digital Cream London 2013. Along with an introduction to big data, it contains information about the challenges faced by digital marketers and how they are solving them within their companies.

The report has been written adhering to the Chatham House Rule under which all Digital Cream events operate, which means that, for confidentiality, no specific company or person have had their quotes and experiences attributed.

The report also includes insights from the following experts: 

  • Andrew Campbell, CRM Strategist and Consultant 
  • Dr Duncan R Shaw, Lecturer in Information Systems, Nottingham University
  • Ron Brien, CMO, TagMan

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. About Econsultancy
    2. About TagMan
  2. Foreword by TagMan
  3. What is 'big data'?
  4. From data to insight – how businesses can extract meaning
  5. Choosing the right data – start with the end in mind
  6. Clean and connected data
  7. Ownership and resourcing
  8. Next steps for marketers
  9. Case studies
  10. Market data and statistics
    1. Investment in big data
    2. How customers use customer data
    3. Capabilities gap
    4. Return on investment
  11. Resources
    1. Econsultancy reports
    2. Econsultancy blog posts
    3. Third party reports and blog posts

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