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Business Intelligence Meets Web Analytics: Breaking Down the Silos

The Business Intelligence Meets Web Analytics Best Practice Guide is aimed at data and web analysts, marketers, executive management and agencies that work with web analytics data and aspire to deliver more business intelligence from their investment. This report explores the growing need for a fuller view of customer behaviour and customer segmentation and, practically, how to open up a closed web analytics solution to provide a more expansive business intelligence tool.

Best Practice Guides

Selling Online: a How-to Guide for Small Businesses

Econsultancy’s Selling Online: a How-to Guide for Small Businesses has been produced specifically with smaller business in mind. This 100+ page document, written by e-commerce consultant Trevor Ginn, contains information about best-practice implementation and management of an online retail website. It is a must-read for any small business serious about establishing itself in the e-commerce environment. 

Best Practice Guides

Pinterest for Business: A Best Practice Guide

This report is aimed at companies and individuals who are thinking of joining Pinterest and want to find out more about the social platform, as well as people who are currently using Pinterest for business, and want a deeper understanding of best practice.

Best Practice Guides

Customer Relationship Management in the Social Age: A Best Practice Guide

The Customer Relationship Management in the Social Age Best Practice Guide, written by experienced eCRM and social CRM strategist Andrew Campbell, aims to help CMOs develop a future-proofed eCRM strategy, which will involve combining the best of traditional eCRM practices, tools and techniques with the rapidly emerging capabilities of social CRM.

Best Practice Guides

The Progression of Agency Value in APAC: Developing a Model for Agency Maturity in a Digital World

The Progression of Agency Value in APAC: Developing a Model for Agency Maturity in a Digital World report, published in association with Adobe, aims to identify the key challenges faced by agencies in the fast-changing marketplace of the Asia-Pacific region. Building on previous research on agency value by renowned blogger, writer and consultant Neil Perkin, the study looks at how agencies are responding through their own use of technology and the required adaptations of skillsets, processes and behaviours. The 25-page report also provides a broad-based model for agency maturity incorporating digital media, data, technology and digitalisation.

Best Practice Guides

Online Communities

Download the final report in this series (Leveraging the Community) here.

Online Communities is a multipart series that guides marketers through the construction, upkeep, and leverage of a digital community. The four reports in this series aim to help marketers learn the best ways to conduct conversations across multiple platforms, understand the utility of email marketing, gather feedback, offer support, and, finally, convert community members into buyers.

Best Practice Guides

Online Communities Part Four: Leveraging the Community

This report is the final in a four-part series on developing and growing online communities. Leveraging the Community focuses on the tools and tactics to take advantage of social audiences that have coalesced around a brand or product. Its three primary sections - feedback, support, and selling - cover the fundamental capabilities of community.

Best Practice Guides

The Sales Organization of the Future

The Sales Organization of the Future Report, free to registered Econsultancy users, outlines how the confluence of economic pressures, the mainstreaming of social media, mobile technology and a general need to refocus on the customer will radically change the sales landscape over the next 10 years. The 14-page report explores how a value-added services company can maintain an effective and efficient salesforce, using the right technologies to allow them to influence their customers.

Trend Briefings

B2B Digital Marketing Briefing: Key Takeaways from FUNNEL 2012

Econsultancy's B2B Digital Marketing Briefing focuses on key trends, challenges and best practices for B2B digital marketers. Based on the presentations given at Econsultancy's FUNNEL 2012 event held in London in November 2012, the guide includes thoughts and insights shared that day, case studies illustrating best practice and contributions from B2B marketing experts.

Best Practice Guides

Best Practices in Data Management

The Data Management Best Practice Guide is aimed at marketers, executive management and agencies that work with data and aspire to. This 70-page report thoroughly explores the strategic and everyday issues and opportunities presented by the explosion of customer and behavioral data and the explosion of tools and services designed to leverage it.