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The Sales Organization of the Future

The Sales Organization of the Future Report, free to registered Econsultancy users, outlines how the confluence of economic pressures, the mainstreaming of social media, mobile technology and a general need to refocus on the customer will radically change the sales landscape over the next 10 years. The 14-page report explores how a value-added services company can maintain an effective and efficient salesforce, using the right technologies to allow them to influence their customers.

Trend Briefings

B2B Digital Marketing Briefing: Key Takeaways from FUNNEL 2012

Econsultancy's B2B Digital Marketing Briefing focuses on key trends, challenges and best practices for B2B digital marketers. Based on the presentations given at Econsultancy's FUNNEL 2012 event held in London in November 2012, the guide includes thoughts and insights shared that day, case studies illustrating best practice and contributions from B2B marketing experts.

Best Practice Guides

Best Practices in Data Management

The Data Management Best Practice Guide is aimed at marketers, executive management and agencies that work with data and aspire to. This 70-page report thoroughly explores the strategic and everyday issues and opportunities presented by the explosion of customer and behavioral data and the explosion of tools and services designed to leverage it. 

Best Practice Guides

Facebook for Businesses in the Middle East and North Africa

The Facebook for Businesses in the Middle East and North Africa Best Practice Guide explores in detail country-specific best practices for setting up and running a Facebook Business page in the MENA region.

Best Practice Guides

Conversion Maximization - The Essential Workflow

Arguing that marketers need to fundamentally shift their approach to conversion optimization, this report explores the importance of up front thinking around the value exchange, conversion barriers and conversion drivers before focusing the on the tactics that result in conversion maximization. The author, Boris Grinkot is a long time practitioner and thought leader in conversion rate optimization, and a winner of a 2012 Digital Vision Grant to produce this report.

JUMP Magazine

JUMP Magazine - Fall 2012

JUMP is Econsultancy's magazine in support of the multichannel event, JUMP, which takes place on January 30, 2013 in New York. In this issue of JUMP Magazine, we look at attribution, social metrics and new ways to bridge multi-channel, integrated marketing campigns. Big data is the theme, but there are also articles on the innovative multichannel campaigns, social media engagement, customer experience and and multichannel retailing.

Best Practice Guides

Increased ROI - A Statistical Examination of Ad Optimization

Digital marketing has it over traditional advertising in lots of ways, but perhaps no advantage stands out more than the sheer amount of data marketers can glean from their campaigns. Information in hand, they can test concepts, placements, and deliveries within a campaign in multiple ways, and when the results come back, they can optimize the ad with the simple reallocation of a specific creative element.

But is display ad optimization worth the time and trouble? Increased ROI - A Statistical Examination of Ad Optimization suggests there is, at least beyond a certain volume level...

Best Practice Guides

Digital Tribes III: Organization

Digital Tribes III is the last of three reports from Econsultancy’s Digital Vision grant-winner Allison Aldridge Saur. Marketing firms thrill at creating online communities but perhaps flounder at guiding their structure. In this report, Sauer borrows from Native American tribal practices to suggest ways marketers can organize online communities once they’ve formed.

Best Practice Guides

Digital Tribes

The Digital Tribes series of reports is the first product of the Digital Vision project, an effort to help new thought leaders get their insight out into the digital marketing world. The reports look at how Native American tribal characteristics reveal substantive practices that build stronger, more fulfilling and highly committed online communities.

Best Practice Guides

How the Internet Can Save the High Street

Econsultancy's How the Internet Can Save the High Street report contains more than 60 recommendations for retailers who want to succeed in a digital age, covering topics including in-store wi-fi, 'reserve and collect', in-store kiosks and 'pop-up shops'. The report includes insights from experts and examples of companies which have embraced digital and reaped the rewards.