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B2B Digital Trends 2016 - 2017

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In the tradition of our last four annual reports on the digital landscape in B2B, the B2B Digital Trends 2016-2017 report notes the continued importance of content marketing, along with the growing role of customer experience (CX) in the B2B space.

As stated, B2B continues to lag behind B2C. Naturally, talented B2B marketers are looking to their B2C counterparts to inform the next move; inside is a description of these priorities, along with an overview of what has changed marketing-side in the time elapsed since last year's survey. Find out where B2C's priorities are, so that B2B might catch up and eventually, overtake.

Further explore Econsultancy's B2B/B2C comparisons in personalization and customer experience, along with B2B's current and most pressing obstacles to customer centricity. 

As marketers in a highly disruptive age, it's no longer enough to anticipate the next step; take advantage of the insight provided by more than 1,000 professional respondents in the fast-changing world of digital B2B.

Table of contents

1. Foreword by Adobe

2. Introduction: trends, opportunities and a peek at the future

3. The many priorities within CX

4. Culture, politics and the push to improve CX

5. Data driven... everything

6. People are mobile, but brands are standing still

7. Marketing to changing realities

8. Planning and execution in 2016

9. Appendix: respondent profiles


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