Why does it work so well?

Your press releases become visible and accessible to Econsultancy's member base, of over 340,000 registered users and 600,000 unique monthly users.

Econsultancy also ranks very well on all the major search engines, which means your press release will typically rank well pulling through visitors from search to your release. They in turn can go on to visit your site via the links in your release, or contact you direct if you include contact details.

Essentially, you can use Econsultancy's own authority to maximize the online visibility of your press release and reach those interested in what you have to say.

Why not try searching on terms within the headlines of press releases on the Econsultancy site to see for yourself how they come up online?

When will the press release go live? And how long will it remain there?

It will go live very shortly after the time and date you specify as the release date when you post the press release. It will remain then live unless you ask us to remove it. We reserve the right to remove press releases and credit you back as per our User Agreement.

Can press releases be edited once live?

Not by you but they can by us. You should preview your press release before posting it and then contact us if there are any amendments required once live.

NOTE: whilst we'll endeavour to amend or remove at your request any press release you publish you should realise that, once live, the content is 'out there' and we have no control over how search engines, for example, cache the content, or other sites republish the content using our RSS feeds etc. So you should ensure as far as possible that the content is correct before publishing it.

How can I post a press release?

Contact us if you are interested in posting a press release.