– System delivers full document management integration with instant PDF generation as well as Macromedia Dreamweaver extensions, and improved XML index search –

London UK & Philadelphia, PA, May 17, 2005 – Continuing a rapid pace in developing one of the industry’s first native .NET content management solutions, Ektron today unveiled Ektron CMS400.NET Version 5.0 at the AIIM ON DEMAND Conference and Expo 2005. Ektron CMS400.NET provides enhanced support for Web developers who need to rapidly build Web sites and Web applications, and improved content and document management functionality to improve business process and support for marketers, content managers, and other who use the system.

In Version 5.0, Ektron delivers enhanced search capabilities, new calendar functions, and new Macromedia Dreamweaver integration. CMS400.NET Version 5.0 also ships with a new add-on component, Ektron DMS400, the company’s recently released document management system designed from the ground up for the mid-market. With an integrated CMS/DMS, Ektron streamlines creation, management and publishing of Web content, documents and other assets within a single interface.

“Judges at last year’s AIIM show honoured Ektron with a ‘Best of Show’ award, citing our Web content management system’s ‘high level of capabilities at an attractive price point,’” says Ektron CEO Bill Rogers. “Today, Ektron offers a more powerful .NET CMS with deeper functionality, especially as a platform that developers can extend and customise to meet specific needs. We are steadfast in expanding our offerings without adding cost or complexity, and we now deliver integrated document management based on demand from our customers.”

Ektron adds the following to CMS400.NET Version 5.0:

Macromedia Dreamweaver extensions – Ektron’s system allows Web professionals to work seamlessly in Visual Studio.NET. Now, with new Dreamweaver extensions, any end-user familiar with Dreamweaver can create templates and pages while working in CMS400.NET. This is important to Ektron’s growing base of interactive agency partners using Ektron technology.

Enhanced XML indexing and search – Ektron adds power to out-of-the-box XML authoring and tagging capabilities to support more detailed and accurate searching, as well as content serving based on user behaviour. Version 5.0 adds customisable search fields holding data for HTML pages, documents, forms, images and other library items

Calendar enhancements – New monthly and daily display/view options are offered along with hover-over display, event descriptions, and multi-language support

Document management integration – Ektron DMS400 is now integrated with CMS400.NET as an optional add-on module aimed squarely at mid-market needs for a low-cost, quick-to-deploy, easy-to-use document management solution. Ektron’s CMS and DMS share the same security, staging, collaboration, workflow, versioning, search, publishing, and globalisation capabilities, all from a single intuitive user interface. Organisations can manage Microsoft Office documents and other digital files, and use the CMS to seamlessly publish documents to public sites, intranets, portals and beyond.

Ektron also adds new functionality to DMS400 in this release including:

· On-demand PDF generation – To overcome limitations of the Web as a medium for publishing and consuming lengthy documents, Ektron DMS400 users can create PDFs on the fly from MS-Office documents and other files – and easily publish directly to the Web

· Windows Explorer-like interface with smart client – A familiar tree-view folder structure improves access, storage and management of documents and assets, providing an alternative to the Web browser for document access. With Ektron’s smart client, users can work offline without worry; the system automatically reloads documents into the proper folders after reconnecting

· Full text indexing for advanced search – With full-text indexing, Ektron DMS helps users locate Office documents, PDFs and other assets more quickly, and makes information contained in files more searchable. This enhances Ektron’s existing support for metadata indexing (standard and custom)

CMS400.NET’s version 5.0 additions are added to the products existing feature set which includes advanced workflow and task management, the industry’s leading WYSIWYG editing tools, advanced support for HTML and XML Web forms, sophisticated content translation and localisation features, and more.


Pricing and Availability

Ektron CMS400 version 5.0 is shipping now. Pricing begins at $7,200 for a 10-seat license and scales to $29,999 for unlimited users. Pricing for the Ektron DMS400 add-on ranges from $4,800 to $41,999. Ektron DMS400 will be available as a stand-alone product during this quarter.

About Ektron

Ektron helps organisations manage people, process and information with applications that deliver out-of-the-box content and document management functionality, and a powerful, customisable platform for .NET development. Headquartered in Amherst, New Hampshire, Ektron partners with leading Web firms, interactive agencies, and system integrators, and also sells products directly to end customers. Ektron has more than 13,000 customer integrations worldwide including SMBs and larger organisations such as Intel, Pfizer, Celestica and Unilever. www.ektron.com

Editor’s Note:
Also see today’s press release from Ektron titled Diverse Organisations Choose Ektron’s Microsoft .NET-centric Content Management System to Help Manage Information, People and Process.

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Published on: 12:00AM on 17th May 2005