LONDON, UK – 26 June 2014 – Sociomantic Labs, the leader in programmatic advertising solutions for online retailers, today announced initial findings from a new study on business and leisure travellers. The study, conducted by independent research firm ResearchNow, polled more than 1000 consumers and found that the majority of both business and leisure travellers book their plans more than two weeks in advance and that airline and hotel websites are still tops when researching travel.

Key findings of the survey include:

When It Comes to Travel, Time is on Their Side

♣ When it comes to booking business travel, 57 per cent of travellers book their travel more than two weeks in advance, and a surprising 27 per cent book more than three weeks in advance. Only one per cent claim to be last-minute flyers, booking travel less than 24 hours before departure.

♣ For personal travel, 88 per cent book more than two weeks in advance and 70 per cent book more than three weeks in advance. Even fewer (one per cent) wait until the last minute.

Freedom Rings for All Travellers

♣ When asked how much freedom they have in making plans, half of business travel respondents indicated that they have a lot of freedom - they know where they need to be but when they get there is up to them.

If You Build (Your Website), They Will Come

♣ Ninety-five per cent of both business and leisure travellers listed airline websites as a go-to resource for travel planning. The same goes for hotels, with 96 per cent and 97 per cent respectively, indicating a hotel website as a go-to resource.

♣ Travel deal websites are also a top resource – for business air travel (71 per cent) and hotels (63 per cent), as well as personal travel (78 per cent) and hotels (74 per cent).

♣ Surprisingly, print ads (newspapers, brochures) were indicated as a top three go-to resource for 40 per cent of personal travel and 41 per cent of personal hotels.

♣ Fifty-nine per cent of respondents said that if they were shown a personalised digital ad focused on discounts, upgrades or other offers, they would be more likely to purchase.

“Travellers, like all online shoppers, have more options than ever when it comes to making plans. And unsurprisingly, airline and hotel websites are today the go-to destination for research,” said Gavin Wilson, Managing Director for Northern and Southern Europe.

“This is a huge opportunity for travel retailers. Travellers are not being pressured to purchase. They have the time to book and the freedom to make their plans, so show them the offers personalised to them and their needs and capture these travellers before they wander too far.”

Additional results from the survey can be found in the full report overview “No Reservations: How Travellers Plan & Book Online”

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Published on: 4:45PM on 26th June 2014