St Ives Group, the print to marketing services provider, is today announcing an agreement to support responsible print campaigning group Two Sides. St Ives’ membership reflects the group’s commitment to remaining a key player in the UK print industry while continuing to extend client solutions into wider marketing and digital services.

Two Sides promotes the responsible production and use of print and paper, and dispels common environmental misconceptions by providing users with verifiable information about why print and paper is an attractive, practical and sustainable communications medium.

St Ives will also support Print Power – the magazine published by Two Sides to inform brand owners and media decision-makers about print’s proven effectiveness in a multi-media world – with relevant content and thought leadership.

Patrick Martell, CEO of St Ives Group and President of Ipex 2014, said: “There aren’t many who would disagree that the world is quickly turning digital. However, print still has a vital role to play in all media industries; not as an individual channel, but as part of an integrated solution, where print and digital combine and thrive.

“Joining Two Sides allows St Ives to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to sourcing printed materials from the most sustainable and environmentally friendly suppliers throughout the production process. We’ve signed up at a time when print remains a vital string to the Group’s bow as we continue to expand our wider offer of complementary marketing services.”

Jonathan Tame, UK country manager for Two Sides and Print Power, added: “St Ives’ participation is further proof that the campaigns we are running are being embraced by all parts of the Graphic Communications Value Chain. We’re currently having great success, supported by magazine and newspaper publishers, with ‘No Wonder You Love Paper’, a campaign aimed at changing consumer perceptions about print and paper’s sustainability.

“Print Power, which promotes print’s unique effectiveness as part of multi-media campaigns, is now established as a must-have magazine for brand owners and media decision-makers. St Ives’ support for our campaigns, and our ability to collaborate with the group, will be invaluable.”

Published on: 12:07PM on 9th June 2014