Office, the well-known UK headquartered footwear retailer, has selected Maxymiser, the global expert in testing, personalization and cross channel optimization to help develop its online and multi-channel customer experience and ultimately increase overall conversion.

Office, which currently has 153 sites globally consisting of 99 standalone stores, six offspring stores and 48 concessions in Selfridges, Topshop, House of Fraser and Harvey Nichols, was founded in 1981 on the premise of providing luxury footwear to the UK’s capital. As the brand’s popularity has expanded internationally and customer behavior has become increasingly integrated across the physical, online and mobile channels, it has become more and more important for Office to make sure that its consumers’ online experience is both optimized in line with customer expectation, and that any decision it makes regarding the online experience is constantly tested and proven.

Kevin Barnes, Head of Ecommerce Trading and Development for Office, comments, “We are constantly evolving our websites to cater for our customers’ ever changing expectations. With Maxymiser we will have the ability to test different versions of content and design to allow us to develop with our customer’s opinions and experiences counting towards the final result. There is always a lot of debate and opinion over how a website should look, feel and function and by Office adopting a culture of testing, Maxymiser will help provide the proof that the changes we make are having the optimal impact on customer experience and conversion.”

Having recently re-platformed on Hybris, Office’s initial tests will focus on the product detail and checkout pages; areas of the site which are vital to leading customers through the conversion funnel.

Barnes explains, “The product detail page is the critical page that will make the difference between customers making a decision to purchase and subsequently clicking the ‘add to basket’ button or not, so we want to ensure that every element is working correctly. We will then focus on another fundamental step of the customer’s journey: the checkout process. It is extremely important for us to understand customers and minimise cart abandonment, so we want to ensure that any abandonment that does happens is the result of a customer’s natural browsing behaviour rather than an issue they are having with the website.”

“Maxymiser will be an important part of the future development of all Office sites,” Barnes adds. “A critical business requirement will be for us to produce and update websites efficiently and correctly in our customer’s eyes. Having Maxymiser on board will definitely assist in our design and development process.”

Although the initial tests with Maxymiser will focus on improving its desktop sites, Office is also planning to embark on developing a roadmap for mobile testing in the future.

“Having previously worked with Maxymiser, I am aware of what Maxymiser can deliver. We are extremely happy to be working with Maxymiser and are looking forward to seeing some great results!”

Published on: 3:21PM on 22nd April 2014