Maxymiser, the global expert in testing, personalization and cross channel optimization, today announces extended capabilities to test, measure, and improve the customer experience on Apps. Product managers and digital marketers can now measure customer behavior on their Apps and dynamically test the customer experience to improve engagement, conversion rates and revenue.

Recent research from comScore has revealed that Apps internet traffic (47%) overtook desktop usage (45%) in U.S. for the first time, whilst Gartner predicts that worldwide revenues from In-App purchases will grow from $4,589m in 2013 to $36,881m by 2017, an increase of over 700%. This further underlines the massive importance of Apps to online businesses.

However, users are also increasingly unforgiving of a poor experience. So how are organizations fitting Apps in to their overall strategy for customer engagement and improving the customer experience, to increase customer loyalty and drive revenue?

Tim Brown, CEO, Maxymiser, comments, “To date it has been difficult to truly assess the value of an App to the business. Many organizations have developed just one customer facing App and, if they are measuring anything at all, it’s just download volumes.

“However, in order to justify this investment and recognising the importance of the App as an essential channel, organizations need to be able to assess and refine the usability of the App; to determine why high volumes of App downloads may not be converting into customer registrations or conversions; and understand the impact of the App experience on the customer’s overall brand perception.”

An extension of its market-leading, patented, optimization platform OneTouch, Maxymiser’s enhanced App optimization capabilities allow businesses to apply leading website and cross-channel optimization techniques to App testing. Marketers can create and push dynamic content to their App and measure the effects of those changes on engagement, conversion rates and revenue, removing the risk of exposing users to poor performing experiences. Furthermore, it allows marketers to seamlessly integrate App testing with the business’s wider online and cross-channel optimization strategy.

Nick Keating, VP EMEA Maxymiser, adds: “To date, very little testing and optimization has been performed on Apps because it was too hard to achieve. Now that testing can be embedded in App development, Maxymiser can help growing numbers of organizations use optimization techniques such as A/B and MVT testing and personalization, to understand and improve the App experience.”

Tim Brown concludes, “Apps increasingly form a critical element of key business processes such as booking and payment. As such, understanding of App performance must improve: analytics and reporting should be far more sophisticated and tie into the business’ overall strategic goals. Maxymiser can now help organizations apply the same rigor to optimizing the App as on desktop sites to drive improved business performance across all channels.”

Published on: 10:09AM on 3rd April 2014