To combat the increasing issue around online ad visibility, UK brand advertisers will now be able to find out exactly how much of their video ads are actually in-view and for how long, courtesy of video ad technology company Tremor Video, who will now include viewability results in all campaign reports.

Utilising the metric known as 'Average Viewability Percentage', Tremor Video's proprietary technology, VideoHub®, became the first video advertising technology to be accredited for average viewability percentage by the Media Rating Council (MRC) in May 2013.

"Tremor Video is committed to guaranteeing brand performance in video for advertisers,” said Alex Macnamara, Tremor Video’s UK managing director. "By providing average viewability as part of standard reporting at no extra cost and implementing a pricing model where advertisers only pay when their ad is fully in-view for the full duration of the ad, we're allowing advertisers get a more realistic picture of how their video ads are performing.”

Tremor Video is also allowing advertisers to only pay for ads that were 100% in-view and viewed to 100% completion. These guaranteed brand metrics, including Cost-Per-100% Viewable & 100% Complete (CPV&C), directly match buying guarantees to brand marketers' goals from awareness to engagement, perception, favourability and purchase intent.

As well as being accredited by the MRC for Average Viewability Percentage, Tremor's VideoHub was accredited for Engagement, Clicks, Served Digital Video Impressions and Unique Cookies. MRC accreditation certifies that VideoHub's procedures and accredited metrics adhere to the MRC's Minimum Standards for Ratings Research and to applicable industry-accepted measurement guidelines issued by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). or contact Alex via or 020 3544 3570

Published on: 4:09PM on 13th March 2014