Catering equipment provider Nisbets has chosen unified customer experience optimisation expert Maxymiser to help grow online revenue on its site, as well as its ten multi-national sites.

Nisbets is one of the leading catering equipment organisations and provides catering equipment to a variety of both commercial and domestic markets in the hospitality sector. Nisbets currently has websites for ten different countries and exports products to over 100.

Chris Holcombe, Head of Global Ecommerce at Nisbets, comments, “Prior to working with Maxymiser we had limited focus on our site optimisation. The decisions we made about the site were typically based on hunch supported with limited analytical data, something that we knew we had to change. We wanted the data we could collect, in real-time, from the site to start informing business strategy.

We first met Maxymiser at the eTail Conference and were instantly impressed by their knowledge and experience in the sector. It was this and their high client retention rates in our sector that drove us to select Maxymiser as our optimisation partner.”

Holcombe says, “Our site is very busy and we want to optimise the whole experience from start to finish to make it simpler and cleaner. We want to focus on the areas of the site that are going to help us increase our online revenues and improve the online experience for our customer”

Holcombe says, “The optimisation strategy we put together with Maxymiser will help us better understand our different user segments and really learn how to put the customer at the centre of what we do. This will therefore allow us to tailor our services in a way that compliments them and deliver a significant increase in online revenue.”

Following the initial campaigns on the UK site Nisbets will roll out the findings across their multi-national sites, eventually looking to do local campaigns in each region and language to validate the findings. This is something that Maxymiser will also be able to help Nisbets achieve through their consultative approach.

Holcombe concludes, “Maxymiser has a great team of experts and one of the most powerful tools on the market. We are very eager to get going and can’t wait to get the first few campaigns underway.”

Published on: 4:38PM on 25th February 2014