Founded on the philosophy that clients can’t possibly “know what they don’t know”, WSI, the leader in digital marketing solutions is offering existing and potential clients a complete digital marketing evaluation of their existing efforts. Through this thorough evaluation, companies will learn about the various ways to market more effectively in the digital era and come to understand what they don’t yet know about digital marketing.

WSI ( just announced that they will begin offering comprehensive digital marketing evaluations to companies throughout the Middle East. The company and its staff are expert in all aspects of marketing in the digital world and they understand that a firm can only be effective marketing in a digital space if they understand what that means and if they are clear on what they don’t know and eager to reach out to experts to find out what they need to know.

The WSI team begins by analyzing every aspects of a firm’s digital marketing. This analysis involves the firm’s website, their online advertising activities, their social media status and much more. WSI team has extensive conversations with the firm being evaluated and comes to understand all aspects of their business and every facet of their strategy and goals. With this information in hand, WSI determines the current digital marketing efforts and their effectiveness and then is prepared to make recommendations to maximize digital marketing efforts.

WSI experts offer a complete evaluation and analysis that includes teaching clients how to target new customers in their local market using every possible online tool, how to advertise their business effectively on sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing, how to regularly update their websites to create a fully functional mobile website and how to best reach their target market through social media.

To learn more about WSI’s digital marketing evaluation program visit the company’s website at or call (971) 4 364 4593 to speak with a local company representative. Visitors to the website can also contact the company by filling in the form on the site’s “Contact” page.

WSI is headquartered in Toronto Canada, and is considered the global leader in internet solutions. The company has more than 1500 local offices in 87 countries worldwide. WSI professionals are trained in every aspect of internet marketing and they specialize in providing affordable internet services and solutions that let clients effectively leverage their investment in the digital world.

Published on: 9:01PM on 7th December 2013