Latest YouGov Study Shows Disconnect Between Social Activities and Lead Generation Strategy

London – 26th October 2012 – Eloqua (NASDAQ: ELOQ), the marketing system of record for modern marketers, today announced the results of a recent YouGov study focused on UK marketers' social media practices. The YouGov* study set out to uncover how marketers currently use social media and specifically how social media is used for demand generation.

Not surprisingly, more than half of respondents (64 percent) use some form of social media to promote their companies. As social networks continue to grow and expand, marketers recognise social is a fundamental part of the marketing mix. When marketers were asked how their companies currently use social media, 83 percent responded to create company and brand awareness. However, only 22 percent of respondents use some form of social media to capture information on leads.

The study also found that of those who use social media, less than half (35 percent) admitted to incorporating any kind of social into their demand generation activities. When UK marketers were asked why social was not included, a whopping 43 percent admitted to having no strategy in place for integrating social and 33 percent are unsure of when they will incorporate social into their demand generation campaigns.

"A lack of clear strategy around social and demand generation is holding companies back," said Heidi Melin, CMO, Eloqua. "Marketers still feel the pressure to 'go social' and improve awareness across social channels but for those involved in lead generation, integrating social throughout the process remains somewhat of a mystery. While UK marketers may be missing an opportunity today, the good news is that there are now tools and technologies available to help them socially engage with prospects at each step of the buyer's journey."

Marketers focused on lead generation are finding an increase in available solutions designed to integrate social media into demand generation campaigns. For example, Eloqua's Social Suite provides marketers with a collection of apps to improve B2B social media marketing capabilities. Social sign-on, which allows visitors to complete a form registration faster while also giving marketers permission-based access to social data they can append to their database, is catching on quickly. Additionally, tools to measure social media are becoming more crucial as marketers look to measure social media effectiveness and see exactly how social is driving demand and revenue growth.

For more details on integrating social with demand generation, download Eloqua's free eBook, the Grande Guide to Social Demand Generation.

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Published on: 10:20AM on 26th October 2012