The integrated campaign for the new Peperami Firestick, which launched 11 October, has the web at its centre with a "Too Hot For TV" web-only excursion for the infamous Peperami Animal, and a "Hell’s Cinema" web site in which to experience it. Both were written and created by AKQA.

The theme of the campaign and the "Too Hot For TV" film is the searing heat of the Firestick. In the film, the Animal is heard creating chaos as he jumps manically into people’s drinks in a pub filled with steam. Finally, he is seen sprinting along the bar, on fire, to hurl himself into a final pint, where his incredible heat causes it to evaporate on contact as he bellows "I’m *&%$£*%& steaming!" The site also features a second "too hot for TV" film, which is an alternative "hotter" version of the TV ad that breaks today.

As well as seeing the exclusive film, visitors to the site at can have a free Firestick sent to their homes, win hot prizes including a giant plasma and day racing Lamborghinis and Ferraris, and get a preview of the other exciting new snacks in the Peperami range. A dynamic rich email allows them to fan the flames of the Firestick by telling a friend about the site.

Iain Brooksbank, Brand Manager for Peperami said: "The objectives for the campaign were to catapult Peperami to front-of-mind, drive trial of the new Firestick and shout that this is a spicy snack that’s not for the faint-hearted. We’re delighted that this activity does all three in a unique and engaging way that the target audience will love."

Richard Hedges, Account Director at AKQA said: "The core audience for the Firestick is 18+ lads who love a drink and a laugh. In a crowded market, we had to do something a bit different to reach them, so we created an online experience that we hope will make Peperami the talk of the pub."

AKQA was appointed by Peperami to develop the activity after a three-way pitch in August 2004. AKQA also works with the Unilever brands Flora and Dove.

Published on: 12:00AM on 18th October 2004